David J.M. Kraemer, PhD

I am interested in different forms of linguistic and non-linguistic semantic processing. In particular, my work focuses on the role of domain-specific brain regions such as visual cortex, auditory cortex, and motor planning areas during the retrieval of conceptual knowledge and imagery.  I also explore how language is used to access these representations and how this retrieval process varies for different individuals.  Towards this end, I have employed fMRI, genotyping, TMS, and behavioral techniques.

My research so far has been aimed at two main questions:

  1. 1)How does the information we receive from our senses form lasting conceptual representations in the brain?

  2. 2)How does this process vary for different individuals? 

Going forward, the aim of my research will be to address the following question:

  1. 3)What behaviors, strategies, and conditions allow for successful learning of complex concepts?


how does the brain store and use concepts?



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