Central Italian Panoplies - 4th c. BC Umbria

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The format of this list is based on Pier Giovanni Guzzo's series of tables from "L'armamento in Lucania fra IV e III secolo" in Armi: Gli strumenti della guerra in Lucania (Bari 1993). The numbers in the first column refer to the Reference list at the foot of the page. When the number is a link, it will open a picture of the entire assemblage. Many of the photographs are not very good, particularly those from the Museo Archeologico Nazionale d'Umbria in Perugia, as the late afternoon sun cut across the museum's low light.
Abbreviations: Frontone (Frontone Necropolis, Perugia); Monteluce (Monteluce Necropolis, Predio Ara, Perugia); S. Giuliana (Santa Giuliana Necropolis, Perugia)

Table 1:
Provenience:Type:Date:Helmet:Cuirass:Greaves:Shield:Sword:Spear:Other goods:Notes:
1. PERUGIA - Frontone, Tomb of 1840-4th c.Bronze Attic-Chalcidian-a pair--bronze point & spike-The greaves bear the Umbrian inscription tutas, that is, "of the community," and were perhaps spoils as found in this Etruscan tomb.
2. PERUGIA - Frontone, Tomb of 1886-4th c.Bronze Italic-----handle of bronze cofanetto(?)-
3. PERUGIA - S. Giuliana, Tomb of 1932pit grave, inhumation4th c.bronze Italic---iron machaira-bronze olpe-
3a. GUALDO TADINO - Malpasso Necropolis, Tomb 12-400-3502 Bronze Negau--Bronze umbo for scutumiron machaira-2 bronze handles, 3 iron nails-
4. PERUGIA - S. Giuliana, Tomb of 1935chambermid 4th c.bronze Attic-Chalcidian-a pairbronze aspis with iron porpaxiron machairairon pointbronze oinochoe, common-ware plates-
5. PERUGIA - S. Giuliana, Tomb of 1936chamber, cremationmid 4th c.bronze Montefortino---iron frags.-bronze strigil, oinochoe, olpe, kottabos; glass game-pieces; common-ware cups and plates-
6. ORVIETO - Settecamini, Poggio del Roccolo, Tomb of the Warrior chamber 350-325 bronze Montefortino (3-disc)long, with closed sidesa pair bronze aspis - 90 cm diam. -- bronze oinochoe, 2 situlae, phiale, and two fragments of bronze (perhaps from an armguard). -
7. PERUGIA - Frontone, Tomb 5/25/1886chamber, cremation350-325Bronze Attic-Chalcidian (from Vulci?)-a pairaspisiron machairabronze point & spikebronze kottabos, Attic red-figure campanian crater (Niobid Painter, ca. 475) as urn-
8. PERUGIA - Monteluce, 5/3/1887Niche tomb cremation350-300bronze Montefortino---1 iron-bronze oinochoe, olpe, kottabos & strigil, black-glaze kylix, bone dice-
9. PERUGIA - Monteluce, 4/22/1887a cassone350-300bronze Italic--aspis?-bronze point & spikebronze strigil, oinochoe, & kottabos-
10. PERUGIA - Monteluce, 4/19/1887a cassa, 2 inhumations350-300bronze Montefortino-----bronze mirror, fibula, strigils, common-ware dishesSome iron arms, pins, and bosses are no longer conserved.
11. PERUGIA - Monteluce, 4/30/1887cremationlate 4th c.iron 3-disc Montefortino---iron sword & sheath2 iron pointsbronze strigil-
12. PERUGIA - Frontone, Tomb near the Venetian house, 1905-late 4th c.Bronze 3-disc Montefortino---iron machaira-bronze strigils, oinochoe & olpe-
12a. TODI - Peschiera Necropolis, Tomb VIpit gravelate 4th-early 3rd c.bronze Montefortino---1 straight sword-cup with Etruscan inscription-
13. BOLOGNA - Benacci Necropolis, Tomb 953pit grave, inhumationearly 3rd c.bronze Montefortino---iron sword & 3 bronze suspension rings2 iron pilairon armlet, shears, knife, candelabrum; bronze oinochoe, strainer, holmos, teglia, strigil, kyathoi (5); gold crown; bone handle, dice (3); game-pieces; mortarthe cheek-pieces differ in weight and thickness
14. BOLOGNA - Benacci Necropolis, Tomb 942cremationearly 3rd c.----iron & 3 bronze suspension ringsiron point & spike--
15. ORVIETO - Castellonchio, Tomb 1--bronze cheekpieces and crown knob, of Montefortino type---1 short iron2 iron javelin points and pilumiron axe-head; 2 bronze situlae; bone dice-

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