Course Description

A formal study of International Macroeconomics with emphasis on financial crises and policy responses in open economies. Topics covered include: macroeconomic equilibrium in open economies, theories of current account and exchange rate determination, the effects of exchange rate adjustments, macroeconomic policy under fixed and floating exchange rates, currency crises, and financial contagion. Preparation of a policy essay and discussions of current international policy issues are also part of the curriculum.


All Students: Both ECON 101 and 102, plus MATH 104 and either Math 114 or 115. A student who receives credit for ECON 252 may not receive credit for ECON 50.

Wharton students can satisfy the ECON 101 prerequisite with BEPP 250 HONORS. The regular BEPP 250 course does not count as a substitute for ECON 101

Guest students visiting Penn must email Prof. Mendoza with information on the courses that would match the prerequisites (institution where taken, course name, textbooks, grades, etc.) and obtain written permission to register.


Cuimin Ba ( )
    Office hours: Th. 11:00am-12:30pm, PCPE 141
Sergio Villalvazo (
    Office hours: W. 11:00am-12:30PM , PCPE 500  

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