Children's Environmental Health Initiative

Department of Earth and Environmental Science

University of Pennsylvania

The Children's Environmental Health Initiative, run by director Elaine Wright, is one of many resources that Penn has designed to break through the University/West Philadelphia Community boundary.

Serving as the interface between many different campus and community organizations, its main goal is to allow Penn Students a chance to interract with the West Philadelphia community through Academically Based Community Service (ABCS) Classes. Numerous classes are taught in conjunction with the Department of Earth and Environmental Science, the Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program, the Health and Societies Department, the Center for Community Partnership (CCP) and Communications Within the Curriculum (CWiC) and include:

ENVS 404: Urban Environments: Speaking about Lead in West Philadelphia
ENVS 405: Urban Environments II
ENVS 407: Prevention of Tobacco Addiction among Pre-Adolescents in West Philadelphia
ENVS 408: The Urban Asthma Epidemic
ENVS 409: Environmental Impacts of Urban Housing