Harappan Civilization

A Recent Perspective

Second Edition (1993)

Oxford & IBH Publishers
66 Janpath, New Delhi, India, 110 001.

It is ironic, but one of my best books, certainly the best seller, is the result of other peoples work. This is Harappan Civilization, which is a product of the work of many of the very best people in the study of the Harappan Civilization. This is my opportunity to say thank you to all of the contributors, because my success with this book is really theirs.

Table of Contents


B.K. THAPAR: The Harappan Civilization: Some Reflections on Its Environments and Resources and Their Exploitation

GREGORY L. POSSEHL: The Harappan Civilization: A Contemporary Perspective

PART I: The Nature of Harappan Urbanization

1. VISHNU-MITTRE: The Harappan Civilization and the Need for a New Approach

2. JIM G. SHAFFER: Harappan Culture: A Reconsideration

3. S. P. GUPTA: The Late Harappan: A Study in Cultural Dynamics

4. C. C. LAMBERG-KARLOVSKY: Sumer, Elam and the Indus: Three Urban Processes Equal One Structure?

5. K. V. SOUNDARA RAJAN: Motivations for Early Indian Urbanization: An Examination

PART II: Results of Recent Fieldwork

6. JEAN-FRANCOIS JARRIGE: Excavations at Mehrgarh: Their Significance for Understanding the Background of the Harappan Civilization

7. M. RAFIQUE MUGHAL: Recent Archaeological Research in the Cholistan Desert

8. GEORGE F. DALES: Mohenjodaro Miscellany: Some Unpublished, Forgotten, or Misinterpreted Features

9. WALTER A. FAIRSERVIS, JR.: Allahdino: An Excavation of a Small Harappan Site

10. R.S. BISHT: Excavations at Banawali: 1974-77

11. R.C. AGRAWALA and VIJAY KUMAR: Ganeshwar-Jodhpura Culture: New Traits in Indian Archaeology

12. B.P. SINHA: Harappan Fall Out (?) in the Mid-Gangetic Valley

13. Y.D. SHARMA: Harappan Complex on the Sutlej (India)

14. R.N. MEHTA: Some Rural Harappan Settlements in Gujarat

15. S.A. SALI: The Harappans of Daimabad

16. JAGAT PATI JOSHI and MADHU BALA: Manda: A Harappan Site in Jammu and Kashmir

17. Y.M. CHITALWALA: Harappan Settlements in the Kutch-Saurashtra Region: Patterns of Distribution and Routes of Communication

PART III: Ecology, Technology and Trade

18. VISHNU-MITTRE and R. SAVITHRI: Food Economy of the Harappans

19. D.P. AGRAWAL and R.K. SOOD: Ecological Factors and the Harappan Civilization

20. BRIDGET ALLCHIN: Substitute Stones

21. K.T.M. HEGDE, R.V. KARANTH and S.P. SYCHANTHAVONG: On the Composition and Technology of Harappan Microbeads

22. MARCIA FENTRESS: From Jhelum to Yamuna: City and Settlement in the Second and Third Millennium B. C.

23. SHEREEN RATNAGAR: The Location of Harappa

24. DILIP K. CHAKRABARTI Long Barrel-Cylinder Beads and the Issue of Pre-Sargonic Contact between the Harappan Civilization and Mesopotamia

25. SHASHI ASTHANA: Harappan Trade in Metals and Minerals: A Regional Approach

26. STEVEN A. WEBER: Changes in Plant Use at Rojdi: Implications for Early South Asian Subsistence Systems

27. RICHARD H. MEADOW: Animal Domestication in the Middle East: A Revised View from the Eastern Margin

PART IV: Harappan Archaeology and the Gulf

28. DANIEL T. POTTS: Tell Abraq and the Harappan Tradition in Southeastern Arabia

29. CHRISTOPHER EDENS: Indus-Arabian Interaction during the Bronze Age: A Review of Evidence

30. MAURIZIO TOSI: The Harappan Civilization beyond the Indian Subcontinent

PART V: The Later Phases of the Harappan Tradition

31. A. GHOSH: Deurbanization of the Harappan Civilization

32. F.R. ALLCHIN: The Legacy of the Indus Civilization

33. B. B. LAL: West was West and East was East, but When and How Did the Twain Meet? The Role of Bhagwanpura as a Bridge between Certain Stages of the Indus and Ganges Civilizations

34. K.N. DIKSHIT: Hulas and the Late Harappan Complex in Western Uttar Pradesh

35. S.R. RAO: New Light on the Post-Urban (Late Harappan) Phase of the Indus Civilization in India

36. M.K. DHAVALIKAR: Daimabad Bronzes

37 ROBERT SHARER: Did the Maya Collapse? A New World Perspective on the Demise 38. D.P. AGRAWAL: The Harappan Legacy: Break and Continuity

PART VI: New Excavation Reports

39. LOUIS FLAM: Excavations at Ghazi Shah, Sindh, Pakistan

40. GEORGE F. DALES and J. MARK KENOYER: The Harappan Project 1986-1989: New Investigation at an Ancient Indus City

41. BRIDGET ALLCHIN and RAYMOND ALLCHIN: LewanA Stone Tool Factory of the Fourth to Third Millennium BC

42. M.K. DHAVALIKAR: Harappans in Saurashtra: The Mercantile Enterprise as Seen from Recent Excavation of Kuntasi

PART VII: Conclusion

43. ROBERT H. DYSON, JR.: Paradigm Changes in the Study of the Indus Civilization

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