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Grading and Evaluation.

This project will be the primary basis (90%) for the grade in this course. The remaining 10% will be based on class participation. In order to keep you on schedule, work handed in after deadlines have passed will be penalized for lateness. Only the final product will be graded, but penalties accrued for lateness of earlier stages of the product will be levied against the final grade. You may make up the penalty for lateness on any stage by compensatory earliness on a later stage, however.

Extra Credit.

Many students in the past have wished that there was more time for discussion in this class. I was unable to change the credits in this class to allow for more time but one possibility is that those who wish to have more discussion can meet with me for a brown bag lunch some day (to be arranged). We will also need to meet later in the semester in order to make up for lost sessions at the beginning.

Harold Schiffman
Fri Jan 26 12:06:38 EST 1996