A bibliography on
Language Planning and Language Policy in China
(Materials in English)

BibliographiesPinyin and RomanisationMandarin or Putonghua
DialectsCharacters and Written ChineseLiteracy
Minority NationalitiesPlanning and PolicyBilingualism and Multilingualism
Language AttitudesForeign Language EducationThe Chinese Language and the Information Age
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Pinyin and Romanisation:

Mandarin or Putonghua:


Chinese Characters and Written Chinese:


Minority Nationalities:

Planning and Policy

Bilingualism and Multilingualism:

Language Attitudes:

Foreign Language Education:

The Chinese Language and the Information Age:


Alphabetical Order:

This bibliography is compiled by Peter Yongqi Gu (petergu@ln.edu.hk) at the Department of English of Lingnan College, Hong Kong. Please come back for further updates.

Last modified: 7 Dec. 1997