SARS 238/538 Spring Semester, 2004

Harold Schiffman, Instructor

Monographs on this list will be on reserve at Rosengarten Reserve of Van Pelt Library. Articles and other materials will be available as a course pack (in PDF format) and downloadable from the Blackboard site for this course.

  1. General and Historical Materials

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    19. An up-to-date bibliography of Zvelebil's works may be found at this location

  2. Grammars of Dravidian LCTL's

    1. John Peterson's bibliography of seldom studied and endangered South Asian Languages, especially

    2. Lesser-known and/or studied Dravidian languages.

    3. Grammars of Selected Languages:

      Toda, Kota, Kolami, Kui, Kubi, Pengo-Malto, Brahui, Tulu, Coorg, etc. Check Van Pelt collection for our holdings.

  3. Art History and Architecture

    1. Branfoot, Crispin. (2002) "Expanding Form: The Architectural Sculpture of the South Indian Temple ca. 1500-1700," Artibus Asiae Vol. LXII, No. 2, pp. 189-245.

  4. Phonology; Lexical Phonology

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  5. Sociolinguistics

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  6. Syntax, especially Aspectual Verbs

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  7. The Indian Linguistic Area

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    14. Readings on reserve for this course are located at this link in Rosengarten Reserve.

    [CCSAL: Stands for Contact and Convergence in South Asian Languages, special issue of International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics , 3:1 (1974). ]