Aiyah, lecture very cheem, what!

This sentence Singapore English ("Singlish") uses a word 'cheem'borrowed from Hokkien dialect (the 'dominant' Chinese dialect in Singapore) where it means 'deep.' In Singapore English, its use is slightly ironic, a meaning which the Hokkien word does not have. This sentence also has other structural features not found in St. E., but not used the same way in the donor languages, either. Cheem can be inflected like other adjectives (cheemer, cheemest) and a derived noun can be made: cheemness (depth). But it cannot be used like 'deep' in English, i.e. cannot be used literally (*'this drain is very cheem.) (Kandiah gives other features of what it can be done with.)

Upshot is: this 'substrate' influence has its own meanings, not to be confused or attributed to either its substrate or superstrate donors.