(financially supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust)

at 50 Woodland Drive, Watford, Herts WD17  3BZ

Tel/fax: 01923 221087


(Visit the Tripartite website:



PROGRAMME (flexible!)


0930hrs           Arrivals, welcomes, coffee, chat


1030hrs           SESSION 1:

                        Looking Back – What did the Tripartite mean to You?

                        Contributions from Hal Schiffman (USA ’63), Roger Bartlett (UK ’62,

                        ’63),  Valerii Tishkov   (ex-USSR ’63) (provisional) plus any other

                        offers.  Also reading of messages and hearing of news from absent   



1230hrs           Lunch (contribution of £4.00 per head would be appreciated) 


1330hrs           SESSION 2:

                        Peace and Community Development Work – Patricia Cockrell

                        Patricia set up a hospice in Yaroslavl in 1993. She then worked in

                        Moscow as QPS representative in the mid 1990’s and was involved in

                        setting up the Centre for Peacemaking & Community Development in

                        1995. She is now Clerk to Friends House Moscow (FHM) and spends

                        every third month in Russia. FHM supports The Swallow Project, a

                        play/psychological centre for refugee children in Ingushetia, west of



1500hrs           Tea Break


1530hrs           SESSION 3:

                        Current Projects and possible Future Initiatives – discussion led

                        by Feola Choat and Valerii Tishkov (provisional)

                        Feola has recently returned from Moscow  and will talk about the 

                        activities of Moscow State Humanitarian Institute, a University

                        College geared specifically for physically disabled students. 

                        Valerii is Director of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology in 

                        Moscow and is particularly involved in Chechnya problems through

                        his specialist work in the field of  ethnic conflict and traditions.


1630hrs           Winding Down – future plans (if any)


1700hrs           Slide show and Photos (please bring yours!) 

1800hrs           End of Programme, but all are invited to stay on for the evening when

                        we can arrange takeaway food.


See further pages for Additional Information and Location Map




  1. Recent events leading to this Gathering: the first thoughts of a Tripartite reunion came to the minds of Jill Hopkins and Russell Cleaver some 5 years ago, after Jill came across Hal Schiffman at a Quaker Meeting in the US, but nothing materialised. More recently there were further chance contacts between Russell, Feola Choat and Roger Bartlett which culminated in an Indian restaurant rendezvous in Fitzrovia (London) last November when the decision to try and contact all Tripartiters on the 1962-4 projects and organise a Gathering was taken. The 3 of us formed a co-ordinating group.

Mainly through the ‘wonders’ of email and sheer persistence, we now know the current whereabouts of nearly half of the 74 participants – we also know that regrettably at least 5 are now deceased. Contact people for details of Tripartiters’ whereabouts are Russell Cleaver (UK participants), Hal Schiffman (US) (email: and Feola Choat (ex-Soviets) (email:


2.      The Programme: We have tried to give some structure and purpose to the Day (i.e. not just nostalgia!) hence an attempt to try and focus on the past, present and future. And we’ve brought in a guest speaker to ensure we don’t become too inward-looking! From the responses we’ve had from those friends who cannot join us in person, we know there are Tripartiters out there who will be with us in spirit and who could support life after 25 May, if we felt that way.


3.      Financial Support: With the prospect of people travelling long-haul to make      the Gathering, and funding a guest speaker, we decided to apply for a grant to the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust .This was successful and we have a budget of £1200 to draw on, which includes assisting UK participants travelling longer distances (for whom we should be able to cover 50% of costs).


4.      Memorabilia: Please bring your slides (for slide show), photos, plus any other material of interest and which might  be useful for Hal’s website!


5.      Who’s coming?  The probable turnout will be:

From US: Hal Schiffman, Paul McGiffin and partner Karen

From Russia: Valerii Tishkov (interpreter, Nalchik) (provisional)

From UK: Roger Bartlett, Feola Choat, Alan Quilley, Jonathan Dale, Jill Hopkins, Andrew Gardner-Medwin, Russell Cleaver

Guest Speaker: Patricia Cockrell  


      6.   Directions to Watford.

By Road: a location map is attached.

By Rail: fast trains from London Euston on Sat. am, stopping at Watford Jctn

            London Euston            0831            0845            0852            0922            0931

            Watford Junction            0848            0904            0913            0943            0948

n.b. Do NOT take the stopping train

50 Woodland Drive is 12 mins walk from the Jctn – see location map. Please feel free to ring my mobile 0771 296 1438 (preferably from Euston) and I’ll pick you up by car from the Jctn. Looking forward to seeing you on 25 May.


Russell Cleaver