Pictures and Reports from the Tripefest

London/Watford, May 25, 2002

  1. Folks standing around talking, reminiscing.

  2. Paul and Gillian exchanging memories.

  3. Hal and Andrew comparing notes.

  4. Coffee break, everybody talking.

  5. Roger, Feola, Gillian, and Hal: talking and reading.

  6. Patricia and Feola (foreground); Roger and Allen (background).

  7. Andrew Gardner-Medwin looks at photo albums.

  8. Feola, Hal in foreground; Jonathan and Andrew (background) in the Cleavers' garden.

  9. Everybody in the garden: Backrow, left to right: Paul, Jonathan, Russell, Hal, Gillian, and Patricia; Front row, l. to r.: Roger, Alan, Feola, Andrew.

  10. A toast to good health and future good works.

  11. Alan and Patricia having a bite.

  12. Andrew and Jonathan, also having a bite.

  13. Anne Points, Russell peeks.

  14. Russell and Feola, having a laugh.

  15. All of us, in the garden.

  16. Gillian and Roger, discussing (and eating).

  17. Anne, Gillian, and Russell having a coffee.

  18. Russell, Gillian, and Roger