Maps, Images, other graphic materials for SARS 523

Multilingual Education in South and Southeast Asia

Maps of South Asia

  1. Map of the Indo-Aryan Linguistic Area
  2. Map of India
  3. Map of India in 1785.
  4. Map of India in 1857 just before the "Mutiny".
  5. Map of Indian "princely states" at Independence. Light areas are "British India" (under direct control of Britain), while darker areas are the princely states, with internal self-rule, but pledging fealty to the "King-Emperor".
  6. Map of Indian languages.
  7. Maps of South Asia other than India: Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan.
  8. Map of Dravidian language area.
  9. Map of Karnataka
  10. Map of Kerala
  11. Map of Tamilnadu
  12. Map of Pondichery


Maps of Southeast Asia

  1. A large directory of Ethnolinguistic Maps.
  2. Overview map (political) of Southeast Asia.
  3. Antique Map of South East Asia
  4. Map of Southeast Asia under colonialism. Key: Red = British, Green = Dutch, Brown = French, Gold = American, Yellow = not under any colonial power.
  5. Map of Southeast Asia today.
  6. Map of Thailand and its neighbors
  7. Map of Indonesia.
  8. Map of Malaysia.