Multilingual Education in South and Southeast Asia

South Asia Sociolinguistics Bibliography

Spring 2005, Monday 2:00 - 4:00
H. Schiffman, Instructor



South Asia Sociolinguistics Reading List

These readings fall into a number of categories: works concerned directly with South Asia (these are marked in boldface in the list; works dealing with issues concerning South Asia, but also pertinent to other parts of the world; works of a general sociolinguistic nature, with implications for South Asia; works concerned with some part of South Asia only. No one is expected to read all of these but to use them as they seem fit. The bibliography in Shapiro and Schiffman is also a good reference guide. A request has been made to designate a carrel in the South Asia Reading Room in Van Pelt Library for this course and these readings. Please check with the Bibliographer there, Dr. David Nelson (8-7460)
Author(s) Title Details Call Nos., Location
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