Syllabus for EDUC673/SARS673

Multilingual Education
in South and Southeast Asia

Spring Semester, 2005

Monday, 10:00--12:00

Room: EDUC 300

H. Schiffman, Instructor

Office Hours

This course focuses on bi- and multilingual education systems in South and Southeast Asia, with particular emphasis on the role of English in those systems. For Southeast Asia, therefore, the focus is on former British colonies where English still plays a significant role in the educational system, such as in Singapore (and to a lesser extent, Malaysia). In Indonesia, where 80% of the population are mother-tongue speakers of languages other than Bahasa Indonesia, the focus will be on the role of Bahasa Indonesia as L2 in this system. For South Asia, the focus will be on the `conflict' between English and other languages, such as Hindi, Urdu, or Sinhala. Attention will be paid to the history of education in the area, educational policy, language policy, indigenous types of multilingualism and indigenous models of multilingual education, sociolinguistic issues, proficiency assessment, and the measurement of educational outcomes.


Spring, 2005 Schedule of Lectures and Readings

Dates, Topic(s), Required Readings, Other Readings

Readings will be assigned, with some required texts and a 'course packet', which will actually be mostly PDF versions of things available via BlackBoard. Images such as maps and other handouts, will be posted on this website, and only rarely distributed in class. (The two National Geographic Maps (South Asia and Southeast Asia) will be ordered from NG for the Bookstore to distribute if they are available.) I will set up an email list for the class and post messages to you about readings and ``handouts".

Bibliographies and other Readings.
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