Language and Popular Culture, LING 057.

Fall Semester, 1999
H. Schiffman, Instructor

Summary of linked documents

  1. Links to various images, sound-files, etc.

  2. Handout on Basic Linguistics

  3. Eskimo ``words" for `snow'.

  4. Handout on morphology (grammar)

  5. Document about Foreign Branding (a.k.a. 'country-of-origin' effect.)

  6. Handout on Language Use and Authenticity

  7. The notion of linguistic register and some examples of linguistic registers in English.

  8. A toy called the `Furby' which supposedly 'speaks' and/or 'learns to speak'.

  9. The importance of Metaphor.

    1. Some Useful Bibliographies

    2. A bibliography on linguistic metaphor

    3. Several bibliographies on gender issues

    4. A bibliography on sociolinguistics

    5. A bibliography on vocal variables, code-switching, and social roles

    6. A bibliography on the subject of Language Attitude research

  10. Discussion of Anthropomorphism in the character-formation of alien species.

  11. An article about the the "origin" of alien species

  12. Discussion on dialects and their representation in the media.

  13. Radio transcript of interviews of and by Labov on New York dialect

  14. Linguistics Dept. Phonological Atlas page.

  15. Discussion on the topic of French branding

  16. Article from the Phila. Enq. on British accents and their 'meaning.'

  17. My discussion of the issue of language and emotion

  18. My article on the topic of linguistic primordialism

  19. Filmscripts:

  20. Discussion of Methodology

  21. Summary of Booth, Colomb and Williams' presentation on Claims, Evidence, Arguments and Warrants

  22. Handout on Caricature.

  23. The relationship between vocal variables and their marking functions.

  24. A table showing some correlations between "voice quality" and social attributions.

  25. Use of a chihuahua with a Mexican accent by Taco Bell in a commercial

  26. Images of Orientalism: Various 19th-century (and some 20th-century) images

  27. Article about the movie The Siege and its tendency to demonize people, especially Arabs, Muslims and people from the Middle East.

  28. Article on the refusal of the government of Thailand to allow filming of a remake of The King and I claiming that it makes their king (Mongkut) look like a buffoon.

  29. Website devoted to films about people with special needs a.k.a. "language and disability".

  30. Sample Bibliography for your papers.

  31. Link to Internet Movie Database, last modified Nov. 16, 1998.
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