Materials and documents related to the 1932 Sternberg film Blonde Venus starring Marlene Dietrich as water nymph, mother, and nightclub star.

Did you ever happen to hear of Voodoo?
Hear it and you won't give a darn what you do!
Tom-Toms put me under a sort of Hoo-Doo
And the whole night long,
I don't know right from wrong!

Hot Voodoo, black as mud
Hot Voodoo, in my blood
That African tempo, has made me a slave.
Hot Voodoo, dance of sin,
Hot Voodoo, worse than gin
I'd follow a caveman, right into his cave!

That beat gives me a wicked sensation,
My conscience wants to take a vacation.
Got Voodoo, head to toes
Hot Voodoo, burn my clothes

I want to start dancing
Just wearing a smile.

Hot Voodoo, I'm aflame
I'm really not to blame,
That African tempo,
It's meaner than mean!

Hot Voodoo, it makes me brave,
I want to misbehave,
I'm beginning to feel like an African queen.
Those drums bring out the devil inside me,
I need some brave big angel to guide me.

Hot Voodoo, gets me wild,
Oh, fireman, save this child
I'm going to blazes, I want to be bad.,
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