Movie 'Science': Stuff that happens in Movies

(But not in 'Real life')

  1. One example is exemplified by the following cartoon:


      Note the following:

    1. The 'scientists' are all male, wear glasses, and are middle-aged.

    2. They wear white coats.

    3. They miss some very obvious facts, which explains why we haven't been able to understand how dolphins communicate: They speak Spanish!

    4. The 'scientists' are weird and maybe not very smart? (Also have bad haircuts.)

    What's wrong with this picture?

  2. Other stuff that's weird in 'movie science:' The 'Mad' Scientist!

  3. Real scientists, annoyed with some of the whacky science portrayed in films, have created websites like Hollywood Science where you can test whether some of the stuff works.

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  5. Another report, from the Chronicle of Higher Education, on the metaphors used in popular press reporting of science.