Orientalist Images

Language and Popular Culture
Spring 1999

These are `orientalist' images depicted by various 19th-century artists, as well as some 20th-century advertising images.

  1. Le bain turc 1862, by Ingres Musée du Louvre, Paris

  2. Odalisque and Slave by Ingres, 1842. In a letter to Marcotte, Ingres later stated his intention to paint `a rather beautiful body, of generous proportions, and as baroque as possible (it is after all a Turk!)'.

  3. The Fanatics of Tangier by Delacroix, 1838. Sufi mystics in the throes of religious ecstasy?

  4. Dance of the Almah by Gérôme, 1863.

  5. Ad for Incredible India.

  6. Snake charmer from Said's Orientalism book cover.

  7. Another version of snake charmer picture in b&W.

  8. Thai dancer Not a painting, not 19th century, but a 20th century photograph used in an advertisement for Merrill Lynch.

  9. The Tepidarium by Chassériau, Théodore, another imagined scene in some vague oriental location.

  10. A 'modern' Jaipur perfume ad depicting a woman (from Jaipur?) bound at the wrists, unclothed, selling French (?) perfume.

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