What do we Observe in Science Fiction Movies?

(It's the question of who speaks what to whom, when, where, how and WHY?)



  1. Explorers -- voices and voice quality: 'alien' type may also be ‘stupid’ sounding (like Cookie Monster), or uses electronic beeps.

  2. Space Cat -- "mental telepathy": Jake doesn't move his lips (because back in the days when that movie was made, they didn't have the capability to manipulate the image [computer graphics etc.]the way they can today.) So he does "mental (thought) transfer."

    Also note the following;

    • In the pool hall --> nonstandard NSNYE
    • tough guy voice quality
    • code switching => register shift for humorous effect by “Honest Harry”

  3. Star Wars: Lots of Mutual Passive bilingualism

      Alien-to-human communication (or robot-to-human...)

    • always in English (the ‘default’ language of the Universe?)

    • example: Chewbacca speaks Wookigab, Han Solo answers in English, but he paraphrases what Chewie says, so we'll understand it. (No subtitles are given.)

    • Jabba speaks Huttese (with subtitles which means it's important), <--> C3PO translates into English, but not back into ‘Huttese’

    • Princess Leah, disguised as an alien “Boush” speaks electronic geek-speak, but C3PO translates into English, not into Huttese!

    • Ewok = 'plush toy' = benign yet devious, or kind of suspicious... but also kind of cute. C3PO translates, even tries to speak Ewok, but with an atrocious British accent.

  4. Other possibilities?