Film Clips for Ling 057 'Language and Popular Culture'

Men in Black:

H. Schiffman, Instructor

  1. Tommy Lee Jones on border patrol: intercepts a truckload of illegal aliens from south of the border, one of whom is an alien from outer space. TLJ almost arrests the alien ("Mikey"), but then he/it pulls a fast one, and they have to blow him/it away.

  2. Edgar, a farmer living in upstate New York, meets some aliens whose spaceship has landed on his farm, and gets consumed by one of them.

  3. At the arrival hall of the alien immigration center, Tommy Lee Jones introduces Will Smith to the way things work there.

  4. Coffee room at the alien immigration center where Will Smith meets some 'cute' aliens.

  5. Men in Black arrive at pawnshop, where Smith discovers that things aren't as they seem to be.

  6. Meanwhile, Edgar arrives in New York and heads for the Pawnshop.

  7. Aliens eat pirogi and discuss how to save the universe. Edgar, pretending to be a waiter, intervenes, kills the two aliens, steals what he thinks is the galaxy, and goes off. (The cat, Orion, still has the galaxy around his neck!)

  8. Will Smith visits the morgue, discovers that one of the corpses isn't a real dead body.

  9. Edgar asks somebody where they 'keep the dead people', and then Edgar heads for the Morgue.

  10. Men in Black drive to Queens to meet the alien and exterminate him (it).