Questions about Pearls before Swine

Racism? Baby Talk? or 'Foreigner Talk'?

This page is set up to focus on the language used in the comic strip Pearls before Swine in the episodes involving the crocodiles and the zebra. The crocodiles are depicted clearly as not being very smart, and the language they use seems to be to be a blend of AAVE (or stereotypical perceptions of AAVE) but also with some elements of baby talk (/w/ substitutes for /r/, as in 'thwoo' for 'through', etc.), /d/ for 'th' ('dat' instead of 'that'), /f/ for 'th' ('mouf' for 'mouth') deletion of /l/ ('pease' for 'please') and also 'foreigner talk', i.e. lengthened 'e' vowels, as in 'beeg' for 'big', 'gud eveneengs' for 'Good evening' and so on. Also grammatical elements such as 'me' for 'I' and negation with 'no', e.g. "Me no want lecture", 'we is' for 'we are', 'you gets' (for 'you get'), 'bootifuls couch', etc.

Here are some samples of these encounters, which I downloaded from the strip's website. The plot here is that the crocodiles have moved in next door to the zebra, and wish to eat him, but wish to convince him that it is okay for this to happen, rather than just attack and devour him. Zebra resists, usually by refuting the (stupid) arguments of the crocodiles.