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Harold Schiffman

South Asia Studies
University of Pennsylvania

  1. A paper published in the Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, 1980, pp. 100-110. entitled "The Tamil Liquids." This paper focuses on the issue of what is or is not a liquid or rhotic sound in Tamil, since there is much contention about this, and much misinformation. A new and revised version of this paper, 'The Tamil Liquids, Revisited.' is available here.

  2. A paper entitled "Negation in Tamil". This article first appeared in SOUTH ASIAN REVIEW, Vol. VI, No. 3 July, 1982, pp. 104-116. It has been modified and re-edited for html. (HS)

  3. A paper originally published in the journal Language and Communication (Vol. 12(1), 1992, pgs. 1-15) entitled "'Resisting Arrest' in Status Planning: Structural and Covert Impediments to Status Change." Available here in PDF format.

  4. A paper originally published in the Journal of the American Oriental Society entitled ``Intervocalic V-deletion in Tamil: Its Domains and its Constraints." (JAOS 113(4)513-528, 1993) Available here in PDF format.

  5. A paper on the subject of Standardized Spoken Tamil published in 1998 as ``Standardization and Restandardization: the case of Spoken Tamil." Language in Society, Vol. 27 (3) 359-385. Available here in PDF format.

  6. An article on the question of language maintenance and language shift in Malaysia and Singapore, published in Language Loss and Public Policy, I , Garland Bills (ed.), Southwest Journal of Linguistics, Volume 14, Nos. 1-2, 1995, pp. 151-165.

  7. An article on `Language Loyalty in the German-American church.' (A shorter version of this paper has been published as ``Losing the Battle for Balanced Bilingualism: The German-American Case." in J. Pool (ed.), Linguistic Inequality. Special Issue of Language Problems and Language Planning (Vol 11, No. 1, Spring, 1987). pp. 66-81.)

  8. An article on the topic of Linguistic Primordialism. This paper was published in G. Palmer and D. Occhi (eds.), Languages of Sentiment. Volume 18 of Advances in Consciousness Research. Philadelphia and Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Pp. 25-38.

  9. An article on Diglossia as a Sociolinguistic Situation. This has been published in Florian Coulmas (ed.), The Handbook of Sociolinguistics. London: Basil Blackwell, Ltd., 1997.

  10. An article about French language policy which has been published in a volume edited by Li Wei, Jean-Marc Dewaele, and Alex Housen, entitled Opportunities and Challenges of Bilingualism. in Contributions to the Sociology of Language 87, 2002

  11. An article entitled ``Malaysian Tamils and Tamil Linguistic Culture," in Language and Communication Vol. 22:2, pp. 159-169, April 2002. Same in pre-publication PDF version.

  12. An article about possible language policy models for Moldova.

  13. An article entitled "Tongue-Tied in Singapore: A Language Policy for Tamil?" which appeared in the Journal of Language, Identity and Education, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 105-125.

  14. An article on the Tamil case system that was published in a Festschrift for François Gros, entitled South-Indian Horizons: Felicitation Volume for François Gros on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Jean-Luc Chevillard and Eva Wilden, eds. Publications du Département d'Indologie 94. Institut Français de Pondichéry and École Française d'Extrême-Orient.

  15. An article on Bilingualism in South Asia delivered at the International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISBL4), which has been published in the final proceedings.

  16. An article in a volume on Language Policy entitled 'Language Policy and Linguistic Culture." The volume itself has been published by Blackwell and is called An Introduction to Language Policy: Theory and Method and is edited by Thomas Ricento.

  17. A review of Fighting Words: Language Policy and Ethnic Relations in Asia. Edited by Michael E. Brown and Šumit Ganguly. BCSIA Studies in International Security. Cambridge, Mass. MIT Press, 2003. Appeared in Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 63, No. 4 (2004) pgs. 1069-71.

  18. An article on the problem of implementation of language policy in Singapore, focussing on the issue of Tamil language maintenance there. This article appears in Viniti Vaish and Liu Yongbing (eds.) Language, Capital, Culture: Critical Studies of Language in Education in Singapore. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

  19. An article entitled "The Grammaticalization of Aspect in Tamil, and its Semantic Sources." In S. Mufwene, R. Wheeler et al., (eds.) Polymorphous Linguistics: Jim McCawley's Legacy. 2005, MIT Press.

  20. An article on Verbal Nouns in Tamil that recently appeared in the International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics, Vol. 34, No. 2, June 2005, pp. 159-166.

  21. An article entitled "Is Kannada "Endangered"? Published in S. Agesthialingom, V.S. Arulraj, S. Chitraputran and A. Karthikeyan (eds.) Prof. S. V.Shanmugam’s 75th Birthday Celebration Volume, Annamalai University, India (2008).

  22. A powerpoint presentation entitled When Language Policies Fail: the Problem of Implementation.

  23. A powerpoint presentation entitled "Language policy, Diglossia, and Linguistic Register: What happens when L-variety languages try to modernize?"

  24. A PDF version of a paper entitled "The Ausbau Issue in the Dravidian Languages: the Case of Tamil and the Problem of Purism." which has been published in IJSL Vol. 191, pp. 45-63 (2008).

  25. An article that was published in The Future of Citizenship, Edited by Jose V. Ciprut, entitled "Language, Policy and Citizenship: three views." MIT Press, 2008.

  26. An English Dictionary of the Tamil Verb is available from Cre-A: Publishers, P37, Ground Floor, 5th Cross Street, University Colony, Palavakkam, Chennai 600041. INDIA, at a price of Rs. 750 (plus postage), and also from South Asia Books, P.O. BOX 502 COLUMBIA, MO 65205 or Phone: (573) 474-0116, for $59 plus shipping and handling. Also see

  27. Review of Linguistic Inequality in Scientific Communication Today published in Language Policy.

  28. A powerpoint presentation on the issue of Authentic Tamil made at a recent conference at UT Austin.

  29. Link to the Dutch Publisher Brill to order Language Policy and Language Conflict in Afghanistan. edited by H. Schiffman and Brian Spooner, 2012.

  30. An article, jointly authored by Richard Weiner, on Language Policy in Alabama entitled "The language policy of state drivers’ license testing: expediency, symbolism, or creeping incrementalism?

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