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The Penn Language Center is in the process of establishing a Language Resource and Research Center, whose main goal and purpose will be the training of teachers in the use and development of multimedia teaching materials for the less-commonly taught languages. This facility will probably be located in Williams Hall in space soon to be vacated by the Linguistic Data Consortium. A staff person experienced in the training of language teachers and in Internet use and computerized language learning will be hired under that plan, and the LDC itself (soon to be combined with the Language Analysis Center) will serve as a resource for digitizing materials, producing glossaries, and in general overseeing and facilitating many complex electronic aspects of computerizing linguistic resources. But even if the LRRC authorial facility is not in existence by the time this project is to begin, work can proceed using resources available through the PLC and SARS; the Research Associate will have an office and a computer in his capacity as Lecturer in Tamil at SARS/PLC, and Schiffman disposes of various resources, both in SARS and in LAD/LDC.

Harold Schiffman
Mon Apr 1 09:56:50 EST 1996