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Arden, A.H. A Progressive Grammar of the Tamil Language. Christian Literature Society, Madras 600 003. (Reprint of 1942 5th ed.)

Malten, Thomas. A Grammar of Tamil. Pondicherry: Pondicherry Tamil Institute.

An attempt at an updated Literary Tamil Grammar, printed in transliteration. Not always accurate in its understanding of LT forms. Not to be used without caveats.

Schiffman, Harold. A Grammar of Spoken Tamil. Christian Literature Society, Madras 600 003. (1979.)

Uses transliteration. A reference grammar of non-Brahman dialect of `Standard Spoken Tamil' suitable for all levels. Now out of print, but a revised unpublished version is available, with script added (a TeX version, using WNTamil fonts.)

Harold Schiffman
Mon Apr 1 09:56:50 EST 1996