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Reference Materials

Reference materials for Tamil are problematical, and it is questionable how much of what is `extant' might be adaptable for web use. Grammars of the literary language are of course in print form, and can be purchased in some cases; the only grammar of the spoken language designed for use by students (Schiffman 1979) is now out of print but has been revised and can perhaps be put on the web in some kind of retrievable form, perhaps at an ftp site to accompany the web site. Dictionaries are also problematical; there are excellent Tamil to English dictionaries available, but practically no useful English to Tamil dictionaries. An electronic form of An English Dictionary of the Tamil Verb (Schiffman, forthcoming) would be useful, when it is finally finished, but in the meantime the only on-line dictionary is one of questionable legality at an ftp site in Heidelberg, Germany (LISTSERV@VM.URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE).gif

Harold Schiffman
Mon Apr 1 09:56:50 EST 1996