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Gary Hatfield's The Natural and the Normative honored at HOPOS 2016

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At the 11th biennial meeting of HOPOS, the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (in Minneapolis, June 23-25, 2016), a Symposium celebrated The Natural and the Normative at 25: Psychology, Perception, and Measurement in Kant and Helmholtz, on the 25th (or 26th, but rounded) anniversary of the book, whose full title is: The Natural and the Normative: Theories of Spatial Perception from Kant to Helmholtz (available in paperback from the MIT Press). The session was chaired by Scott Edgar (St. Mary's University). There were three talks on topics concerning philosophy and psychology in Kant and Helmholtz, placed in relation to the book but also advancing new ideas and directions of research: Corey Dyck (Western Ontario), "Empirical and Transcendental Psychology"; Francesca Biagioli (Universität Konstanz), "The Natural and the Normative Reconciled: Helmholtz's Theory of Measurement"; and Lydia Patton (Virginia Tech), "Helmholtz on Sensory Complexity." Hatfield responded to the papers and offered further reflections: "The Natural and the Normative and The Facts in Perception: Two Works Revisited."

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