The Christmas Meeting of German Economists Abroad (GEA)

This conference provides a forum for German economists, who are at universities outside of Germany, to meet each other, discuss research, and interact with colleagues in Germany. The idea for this conference goes back to discussions between Berthold Herrendorf, Michele Tertilt and Walter Trockel, who organized the first meeting in Bielefeld in 2004.

The organizing committee currently consists of Stephan Heblich (Toronto), Theresa Kuchler (NYU), Christoph Moser (Columbia), Michaela Pagel (Columbia), Carolin Pflueger (Chicago), Tobias Salz (MIT), Holger Sieg (Penn), Johannes Stroebel (NYU), and Felix Tintelnot (Chicago). Former members of the organizing committee are Berthold Herrendorf, Petra Moser, Volker Nocke, Ralph Ossa, Karl Schmedders, and Michele Tertilt.

The next call for papers will be this summer. If you are interested in attending the next Meeting of German Economists Abroad, please contact a member of the current organizing committee.

Below is a list of all previous meetings. We would like to thank all local organizers and their institutions for their generous support of the meetings.