Math 135 Lecture 2

Winter 2009

Ordinary Differential Equations

Instructor: TOWSNER
Lecture Meeting Time: MWF 1:00P-1:50P
Lecture Location: MS 5137
Exam Code: 06
Course Outline

Section Information
Section IDSectionClassroomTimeTA Name
2625082112aMS 5137 T 1:00P-1:50P DO, QUANG YEN

Final Examination Information (updated: March 11th, 6:00)
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Midterm Answer Key

Homework 1 (Due Jan 14th)
Homework 2 (Due Jan 21st) (Extra Problems and Solutions)
Homework 3 (Due Jan 28th)(Extra Problems and Solutions)
Homework 4 (Due Feb 4th)
Homework 5 (Due Feb 18th)
Homework 6 (Due Feb 25th)
Homework 7 (Due March 4th)
Homework 8 (Due March 11th)