Due Problems
9/1Homework 1
9/6Read the rest of Chapter 1.
Read Habits of highly mathematical people
9/8Homework 2
9/13Read the next two parts of Chapter 2, p. 31-39 (Compound Statements and Elementary Proof Techniques)
9/15Homework 3
LaTeX template and information (this is a text file, but you might have to take some steps to get your computer to recognize it because it's a .tex file; if you really have trouble, this version should work).
9/20Read the first part of Chapter 3, p. 50-57
9/22Homework 4
By this time, visit Prof. Towsner in office hours and introduce yourself
9/27Read the last part of Chapter 3, p. 63-71
9/29Homework 5
10/4No reading
10/11Read "Composition of Functions" in Chapter 4 (p. 85-87)
10/13Homework 6
Read the first 5 chapters of The Parrot's Theorem (p. 1-64) and write between one and two pages (handwritten or typed) with your reaction to those five chapters and any questions or observations you have about the material contained therein. If you wish, you may look up the work of one of the mathematicians mentioned and write that page on some result/theorem of his/hers that you did not know before.
10/18First midterm
10/20Read the rest of Chapter 4 (p. 92-94)
10/25Read Appendix A (p. 371-382)
10/27Homework 7
11/1No reading
11/3Homework 8
11/8Read the first part of Chapter 13 (p. 256-258)
11/10Homework 9
11/15Read the next two parts of Chapter 13 (p. 259-267)
11/17Homework 10
11/22No reading
11/29Second midterm
12/1First part of Writing assignment
12/8Homework 11