Number Due Problems
9 12/7 14.8, Problem 48ab (plus online portion at MyLabsPlus) solutions
8 11/30 14.4, Problems 58, 61, 63, 64
7 11/16 Online homework only.
6 10/26 13.7, Problem 58 (plus online portion at MyLabsPlus).
5 10/19 13.3, Problem 65 (plus online portion at MyLabsPlus).
Two very nice, but very difficult problems which are not assigned: 13.4, Problem 62 and 13.5, Problem 71
4 10/12 12.8, Problem 72 and 12.9, Problem 52 (plus online portion at MyLabsPlus). solutions
3 9/28 Online homework only
2 9/21 11.6, Problem 74 (plus online portion at MyLabsPlus). Hint for 11.6.74: There are two parts to this. First, suppose that there is some constant a so that r(t) is always on the surface of the sphere with radius a; this means there is a particular equation r(t) should satisfy at all times t. Figure out what this equation is and use it to derive that r(t) and r'(t) are orthogonal. Next, assume that r(t) and r'(t) are orthogonal for all values of t; you should be able to reverse the argument you gave for the first part to conclude that there is a sphere whose surface r(t) always lies on. solutions
1 9/14 11.3, Problem 76 and 11.4, Problem 56 (plus online portion at MyLabsPlus) solutions