Dmochowski Group

Ivan Julian Dmochowski, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania
231 South 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6323
Office: 348 (Chem '73 Building)
Phone: 215-898-6459; Fax:
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Academic Appointments

    Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, 2010 – Present
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, 2003 – 2009


    California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
            Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Scholar in Biophysics, Sept. 2000 – Dec. 2002

    California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
            Ph.D. in Chemistry, May 2000, 1995-00

    Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz, Germany
            Research Fellow in Chemistry, 1994-95

    Harvard College, Cambridge, MA
        A.B. in Chemistry, Magna cum Laude, 1990-94

Selected Honors

2012 Awardee, McKnight Technological Innovations in Neuroscience
2011 Awardee, McGroddy Frontiers in Science, St. Joseph’s Univ.
2010 Invitee, National Academies Keck Futures Initiative Imaging Meeting
2007 Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award
2005 NSF CAREER Award
2003 Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award   
2000 Herbert Newby McCoy Award, Caltech Chemistry Department
1990 United States Presidential Scholar


Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Fellow
N.I.H. Bioorganic/Bioinorganic Training Grant
N.I.H. Biotechnology Training Grant

Peer-Reviewed Publications: h-index = 21 (March, 2013)

  1. J.A. Rego, S. Kumar, I.J. Dmochowski, H. Ringsdorf, Synthesis of novel mixed tail triphenylene discotic liquid crystals - The search for higher order. Chem. Comm. (9) 1031-1032, 1996.

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  10. X. Tang, I.J. Dmochowski, Phototriggering of caged fluorescent oligodeoxynucleotides, Org. Lett. (7) 279-282, 2005.

  11. X. Tang, J.L. Richards, A.E. Peritz, I.J. Dmochowski, Photoregulation of DNA polymerase I (Klenow) with caged fluorescent oligodeoxynucleotides, Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. (15) 5303-5306, 2005.

  12. H. Agadjanian, J. Weaver, I.J. Dmochowski, J. Kim, R. Margalit, H.B. Gray, Z. Gross, and L.K. Medina-Kauwe, Specific delivery of corroles to cells via noncovalent conjugates with viral proteins, Pharmaceutical Res. (23) 367-377, 2006.

  13. J. Swift, W.A. Wehbi, B.D. Kelly, X. Fu Stowell, J.G. Saven, I.J. Dmochowski, Design of functional ferritin-like proteins with hydrophobic cavities, J. Am. Chem. Soc. (128) 6611-6619, 2006.

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  15. Q. Wei, G.K. Seward, P.A. Hill, B. Patton, I. Dimitrov, N.N. Kuzma, I.J. Dmochowski, Designing 129Xe NMR biosensors for matrix metalloproteinase detection, J. Am. Chem. Soc. (128) 13274-13283, 2006.

  16. X. Tang, I.J. Dmochowski, Regulating gene expression with light-activated oligonucleotides, Mol. BioSystems (3) 100-110, 2007. Recognized for being one of the three most cited papers in Mol. Biosystems in 2007.

  17. X. Tang, I.J. Dmochowski, Probing expression, Chemical Biology, invited feature highlighting Mol. Biosystems article, (2) B15, 2007.

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  55. J.C. Cheung-Lau, D. Liu, W. Liu, I.J. Dmochowski, Engineering a well-ordered, functional protein-gold nanoparticle assembly, J. Inorg. Biochem., in revision.

  56. D. Lovatt, B.K. Ruble, J. Lee, H. Dueck, J.L. Richards, T.K. Kim, S. Fisher, P.T. Buckley, J. Kim, J.-Y. Sul, I.J. Dmochowski, J. Eberwine, Transcriptome In Vivo Analysis (TIVA) of spatially defined single cells in intact live brain tissue, Nature Meth., submitted.

Invited Book Chapters

    M.I. Arnone, I.J. Dmochowski, C. Gache, Using reporter genes to study cis-regulatory elements, Meth. Cell Biol. (74)     621-652, 2004.

Patents (2 issued, 4 pending)

Prominent Citations of Research

Research Support

Current Financial Support, Extramural (annual direct costs listed)
R01 GM083030 (PI, Dmochowski)                        2/01/08-1/31/14
National Institute of General Medical Sciences               
“Oligonucleotides for turning genes on and off with light”               
This funds the development of light-activated oligonucleotides for studies in cells and zebrafish embryos.

NIH R-01 GM097478 (Co-PI with David Christianson)            7/1/11-5/31/15  
National Institute of General Medical Sciences              
“Structure-based design of xenon imaging agents for cancer biomarker detection”
This funds the development of cryptophane-based biosensors that report specific Xe-129 NMR chemical shifts for carbonic anhydrase (CA) isozymes that are lung cancer biomarkers.

R01 EB010208 (PI, Rizi)                            4/1/10-3/31/14  
National Institutes of Health                      
“Comprehensive assessment of pulmonary disorders using polarized 13C technology”
Dmochowski plays an advisory role on this project, in considering molecules that may be suitable for polarized 13C technology.

McKnight Technology Innovations Award (Co-PI)            8/1/12-7/31/14
McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience              
“TIVA-tag enables true neuronal systems genomics”
Dmochowski’s lab synthesizes transcriptome in vivo analysis (TIVA) molecules for harvesting RNA from cultured neurons and brain slices.

P01 GM055876 (PI, Eckenhoff, Dmochowski Significant Contributor)  12/01/12-11/30/17
National Institute of General Medical Sciences                            
“Interaction of inhalational anesthestics with macromolecules”
This interdisciplinary program seeks to understand general anesthetics’ activity on ion channels and other proteins using cutting edge methods, in order to inform the development of the next generation of drugs. Dmochowski’s role will be to consult on the design of “clickable” anesthetic probes for isolating rare protein targets.

S10 DO016260 (PI, Dmochowski)                        6/01/13-5/30/14
Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health          
“Multi-User, Isothermal Titration Microcalorimeter”

NSF PD 09-6885 (Co-PI,with Jeffery Saven)                7/1/13- 6/30/16
“Synergistic protein-nanoparticle assemblies”               
Dmochowski lab will design, synthesize, and characterize ferritin-inorganic nanoparticle assemblies with significance to nanoparticle separations, nanoparticle functionalization, and catalysis.

R01 GM083030 (PI, Dmochowski)                        12/01/13-11/30/17
National Institute of General Medical Sciences                 
“Light-activated oligonucleotides for biological applications”           
This grant renewal will fund the development of Transcriptome In Vivo Analysis (TIVA) technology. These light-activated oligonucleotides will allow harvesting of RNA from neurons in brain tissue. Second-generation, 2-photon-activated compounds will be developed.

R01 GM109117 (Co-PI, with James Eberwine)                12/01/13-11/30/18
National Institute of General Medical Sciences               
“Neuronal regulation of cytoplasmic RNA splicing”
TIVA-tags will be supplied to collaborators for RNA harvesting and subsequent amplification and analysis.

R01 HL121375 (Co-PI, with Vickas Patel)                    9/01/13-08/31/18
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute               
“RNA Abundance/Variation Affects Fibroblast Cardiomyocyte Reprogramming Efficiency“
TIVA-tags will be supplied to collaborators for RNA harvesting and subsequent amplification and analysis.

Completed Funding, Extramural (total direct costs listed)
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award (PI)        9/01/07-9/1/12
Laser-activated oligos for regulating genes in neurons and     $75,000

NSF CAREER Award, CHE 0548188, Inorganic Chemistry (PI)    3/01/06-2/28/11
Protein templates for controlling inorganic                $560,000   
nanoparticle formation and assembly

1R33CA110104-01, NCI/NIBIB (PI)                    7/1/08-6/30/10
Multi-modal 129Xe probes for tumor detection            $630,000   

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,                    2/1/07-1/31/10
Translational Research Grant (Gewirtz, PI; IJD, Co-PI)        $45,000
RNA-targeted therapeutics for hemonologic malignancies           

BC061527, DOD, Breast Cancer Research Program, Idea Award (PI)    5/1/07-4/31/10
Molecular imaging of breast cancer with Xe-129 biosensors    $300,000

CHE-0820996, NSF instrumentation proposal (PI)             10/1/08-9/30/09
MRI: Acquisition of tri-institutional, cyber-enabled         $435,264
chemistry MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer   
NIH, 5 T32 GM071339-04 (Marmorstein)                  7/01/05-6/30/10
Predoctoral Training at the Chemistry-Biology Interface        $1,046,684   

1S10RR023444-01, NCRR Shared Instrumentation (PI)            6/1/07-5/31/09
Time-of-flight instrument with complementary ionization....    $307,604

1S10RR021113-01, NCRR Shared Instrumentation (PI)            4/1/05-3/31/08
Leica TCS SP2 AOBS UV confocal system                $497,326

1R21CA110104-01, NCI/NIBIB (PI)                    7/1/05-6/30/07
Multi-modal 129Xe probes for tumor detection            $233,102   

1R21CA110104-01S1, NCI/NIBIB (PI)                    7/1/05-6/30/07
Multi-modal 129Xe probes for tumor detection            $76,172

Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award (PI)            6/1/03-6/1/07
Molecules, methods, and microscopes....                $40,000

ACS, Petroleum Research Fund, Type G (PI)                7/1/04-6/30/06
Getting a charge out of ferritin                        $35,000

DOD Breast Cancer Research Program (PI)                 7/1/04-6/30/05
129Xe MRI biosensors for multiplexed imaging of             $75,000   
breast cancer markers

Completed Funding, Intramural (total direct costs listed)
University Research Foundation                        03/01/12-02/28/13
Typhoon 9000 Imaging System for Enhancing Penn Education     $40,000
and Research Across the Chemical, Biological, and Biomedical Sciences
ITMAT Center for Targeted Therapeutics and Translational         1/01/11-12/31/11
Nanomedicine, Pilot Grant (PI)                    $15,000
Targeted xenon diagnostic agents                   

Translational Bio-Imaging Center (TBIC)                    2/01/11-1/31/12
 UPenn, Pilot Grant (Co-PI)                        $25,000 (50%)
 Imaging and functional studies with fluorescent anesthetic probes

NSF MRSEC DMR-0520020, IRG-3 Seed Grant (PI)            8/01/06-9/30/11
Synthetic programmable membranes    $250,000

NSF MRSEC, Seed Grant (Co-PI, Baumgart)                10/1/09-9/30/10
DNA programmable assemblies                    $30,000 (50%)

ITMAT Transl. Biomed Imaging Ctr, Pilot Grant (Co-PI, Greenberg)    10/1/08-9/30/09
Validation of targeted xenon SPECT agents for in vivo        $50,000 (50%) molecular imaging   

UPenn Comprehensive Neuroscience Center (Co-PI, Eberwine)    10/1/07-10/1/08
Light-activated oligos for spatiotemporal gene regulation....    $65,000 (50%)

UPenn NanoBio Interface Center (NBIC) Pilot Grant (PI)        9/1/07-9/1/08
RNA templates for nanobiotechnology                $50,000   

UPenn Institute Med. and Eng. Seed Grant (Co-PI, Eckenhoff)    1/01/06-12/31/06
 Probing mechanisms for anesthetic toxicity with ferritin        $30,000 (50%)

UPenn, Univ. Res. Foundation Grant (PI)                3/1/05-3/1/06
Using fluorescence microscopy to develop new             $25,000   
MRI contrast agents....     

UPenn Genomics Institute Seed Grant (PI)                 1/1/04-12/31/05
Laser-activated spatiotemporal gene regulation             $100,000   

UPenn IME Pilot Grant (Co-PI)                        3/1/04-3/1/05   
Reporter molecules for gene detection....                $15,000

UPenn, Univ. Res. Foundation Grant (PI)                3/1/03-3/1/04
In vivo control and characterization of                 $18,000   
protein interactions....       

Invited Research Lectures (organized by year)

2003 October: UPenn Chemistry Club
October: Temple U., Department of Chemistry
October: Institute for Medicine and Engineering (IME), UPenn
2004 August: National ACS meeting, Philadelphia, PA
October: Wistar Institute
October: Bryn Mawr College, Department of Chemistry
November: Villanova Graduate Fair
November: St. Joseph’s U., Department of Chemistry
2005 January: UPenn, Department of Anesthesiology
June: DOD Era of Hope Meeting, Philadelphia, PA
November: Jefferson U., Department of Biochemistry
November: Richard Stockton College, NJ, Department of Chemistry
December: New York Academy of Sciences, Frontiers in Science
December: Rutgers U., New Brunswick, NJ, Department of Chemistry
2006 March: UPenn, Center Molecular Studies
March: Natl. ACS Meeting, Atlanta, GA, two talks
August: Society of Molecular Imaging, Hawaii
September: Natl. ACS Meeting, San Francisco, CA (2 talks)
November: Shippensburg U., Department of Chemistry
November: Temple U., Undergraduate Chemistry Symposium
December: Drexel U., Department of Chemistry
2007 February: Scripps Research Institute
February: Caltech, Department of Chemistry
March: UPenn lecture to adult science teachers
May: U.C. San Diego., Department of Chemistry
May: U.C. Santa Barbara, Department of Chemistry
May: U.C. Irvine, Department of Chemistry
May: MARM undergraduate lecture, Ursinus
May: Drexel U., Materials Science Department
June: UPenn Genomics Institute, Chemistry and Genomics Symposium
August: ACS National Meeting, Boston, Inorganic Chemistry
September: Purdue U., Department of Chemistry
September: U. Illinois, Urbana Champaign, Department of Chemistry
September: Indiana U., Bloomington, Department of Chemistry
September: NSF Workshop in Physical Organic Chemistry, Vermont
September: U. California, Berkeley, Department of Chemistry
September: Symposium on Molecular and Cellular Imaging, Yale, Dept. of Radiology, declined
October: U. of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Department of Chemistry
October: UPenn, SAS Imaging Symposium
November: U. of Chicago, Department of Chemistry
November: M.I.T. and Harvard, Departments of Chemistry
November: Millersville State U., Department of Chemistry
2008 February: U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Department of Chemistry
March: North Carolina State U., Department of Chemistry
April: Haverford, Department of Chemistry, undergraduate club
May: Washington U., Department of Chemistry
June: National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Pittsburgh
June: DOD BCRP Meeting, Baltimore
August: American Chemical Society Meeting, Philadelphia, “Metals in Biochemistry” symposium    honoring Elizabeth Theil
October: UPenn, Cancer and Metabolism Seminar series
December: U. Rhode Island, Department of Chemistry
2009 February: U. South Carolina, Department of Chemistry
March: John’s Hopkins U., Department of Chemistry
July: UPenn, School of Medicine, NMR symposium hyperpolarized nuclei
September: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Bio-Constellation Lecture
September: Society Molecular Imaging annual meeting, Montreal (2 talks)
October: Frontiers in NMR Spec., Leibniz Institute, Berlin, Germany
December: Multifunctional Organic Materials and Devices, First International Symposium, Toho U., Tokyo, Japan
2010 April: National Institutes of Health (NHLBI), Bethesda, MD
August: American Chemical Society Meeting, Boston (3 talks)
October: UPenn, Targeted Therapeutics Seminar Series
November: The College of New Jersey, Department of Chemistry
2011 March: Brigham Young University, Department of Chemistry
June: UPenn, REU student lecture
September: Chemical Heritage Foundation, Innovation Day
September: UPenn, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
October: Ohio State University, Department of Chemistry
November: St. Joseph’s University, McGroddy Frontiers in Science Seminar series
2012 March: U.C. Berkeley, Department of Chemistry (Pines Lab)               
March: American Chemical Society Meeting, San Diego (2 invited talks)
April: UPenn, Frontiers at the Chemistry-Biology Interface Symposium
June: XeMat 2012, Dublin, Ireland
July: UPenn, School of Medicine, NMR symposium hyperpolarized nuclei
August: keynote lecture, Ninth IUPAC International Symposium Biomolecular Chemistry, Beijing, China
August: Peking University, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
December: Tulane University, Department of Chemistry
2013 Feb: St. John’s University, Queens, NYC, ACS chapter, student invitation
May: UPenn, SOM, International NMR symposium lung imaging
July: 12th International Conference on Calixarenes, Newfoundland, CAN

Departmental Service, UPenn Chemistry

Service to University of Pennsylvania

General Service to Chemistry

Undergraduate Students Supervised (26 total, current location provided, if known)

deMauri Mackie, Josh Strauss (Albert Einstein Medical School), Igar Fuki (Ph.D. program, UPenn Statistics), Matthew Kofke1 (medical school), Brenna Kelly, Stephanie Topp (Ph.D. program, Cornell Biochemistry), Chris Gorman, Carolyn Wei (Ph.D. program, UIUC Chemistry), Laura Spece• (Penn State Medical School), Vijay Yerubandi• (Columbia Medical School), Matthew Bessette (M.D./Ph.D. program, Univ. Virginia, Charlottesville), Tara Kaufmann• (M.D./Ph.D. program, UCSF), Masaya Jimbo• (M.D./Ph.D. program, Jefferson), Anna Turetsky (Ph.D. program, Harvard Biophysics), Chris Pollock# (Ph.D. program, Cornell Chemistry), Frances Rodriguez* (Ph.D. program, U.C. Berkeley Chemistry), David Jacobson (Ph.D. program, UCSB Physics), Weiren Liu (Ph.D. program, J. Hopkins, Biology), Michael Kim? (undergrad), Myra Eckenhoff° (undergrad), David Hao (undergrad), John Psonis (undergrad), John Philbin (undergrad), Elizabeth O’Brien (undergrad), Amaris Borges* (undergrad), Stephanie Cornell% (undergrad)

    1 from Carnegie Mellon
     #from Clemson University
     *REU student from University of Puerto Rico at Cayey
     ?from Stanford University
     °from Kenyon College
     %from Texas A&M University
     •earned Masters degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry while in the lab

High School Students Supervised

High School Teachers Supervised

Graduate Students Supervised (20 total, year of joining lab, undergraduate institution, field of training in parentheses)

Joe Swift (2004, Imperial College, London, Physical Chemistry), Aru Hill (2004, Denison U., Inorganic Chemistry), Chris Butts (2005, Hamilton College, Biological Chemistry), Julia Richards (2005, Vanderbilt U., Biological Chemistry), Garry Seward (2005, U. Virginia, Charlottesville, Biological Chemistry), Lei Zhang (2005/2006, Nankei U., transfer from Caltech Chemistry graduate program, Inorganic Chemistry), Jenny Chambers (2006, James Madison U., Organic Chemistry), Najat Khan (2007, Colgate U., Organic Chemistry), Julie Griepenburg (2007, Seton Hall U., Inorganic Chemistry), Jasmina Cheung-Lau (2008, Amherst College, Inorganic Chemistry), Brittani Ruble (2008, Emory U., Biological Chemistry), Yubin Bai (2009, U.S.T.C., Physical Chemistry), Zhengzheng Liao (2009, Peking U., Physical Chemistry), Brittany Riggle (2010, U. Virginia,  Charlottesville, Biological Chemistry), Daniel Emerson (2011, U. Florida, Physical Chemistry), Yanfei Wang (2012, Peking U., Physical Chemistry), Katie Pulsipher (2012, Brigham Young U., Inorganic Chemistry), Sean Yeldell (2013, Biological Chemistry), Teresa Rapp (2013, Inorganic Chemistry), Ben Roose (2013, John’s Hopkins U., Biological Chemistry)

Ph.D. Degrees Awarded (10 total)

Master’s Degrees Awarded (2 total)

Postdoctoral Scholars Supervised (8 total)

  • Danniebelle Haase, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Univ. Florida, Gainesville (2009) Dr. Haase is supported for three years by NIH PENN-PORT postdoctoral fellowship program.

  • Ashley Fiamengo, Ph.D. in Radiological Sciences, Washington University, St. Louis, Chemistry teacher, TMI Episcopal School, San Antonio

  • Olena Taratula, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark, Research Assistant Professor, Oregon State Univ. in Dept. of Pharmacology.

  • XinJing Tang, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Photochemistry, Associate Professor, State Key Laboratory of Natural and Biomimetic Drugs, Health Science Center, Peking University, Beijing, P.R. China

  • Dage Liu, Doctor of Engineering in Materials Science, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, P.R. China

  • Qian Wei, Ph.D., Rutgers U., Newark, Organic Chemistry, Senior Research Scientist, Analytical Department, R&D, International Specialty Product, Inc.

  • Luqin Yang, Ph.D., Nankai U., Inorganic Chemistry, Research Scientist at AstaTech, NJ

  • William Wehbi, Ph.D., Caltech, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Chemistry lecturer

Other Experience and Professional Memberships

2006- Member, Society for Molecular Imaging (SMI)
2006- Member, Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, UPenn
2006- Expert Witness and Consultant, Philadelphia law firms
2005- Member, New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS)
2003- Member, Institute for Medicine and Engineering (IME), UPenn
2003- Consultant, chemistry teaching materials for Houghton Mifflin Company
2002-03 Editor, science textbooks for Pearson Learning Group
2001-02 Consultant in biotechnology, Los Angeles law firm
2000-02 Member, Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 
1995- Member, American Chemical Society


Collaborators (Past Four Years)

UPenn: Tobias Baumgart, Amos Smith, Jeffery Saven, David Christianson, Chris Murray, Feng Gai, Tom Troxler, Patrick Carroll (Chemistry), Roderic Eckenhoff, David Eckmann, Renyu Liu (Anesthesiology, SOM), Joel Greenberg (Neurology, SOM), Dan Hammer (Bio- and Chemical Engineering), Jim Eberwine (Pharmacology, SOM), Nicholas Kuzma and Jerry Glickson (Radiology, SOM)

Caltech: Eric Davidson (Sea urchin developmental biology)

HelmholtzCenter Munich: Reinhard Koester (Zebrafish neurobiology)

NIST: Ron Colle (Radon generation, radiological sciences)

Duke: Michael Therien (conjugated, fluorescent porphyrin sensors)

Research Mentors

Postdoctoral Advisor (2000-02):  Prof. Scott E. Fraser, Beckman Imaging Center, Caltech
Graduate Advisor (1995-2000):  Prof. Harry B. Gray, Chemistry Department, Caltech
Laboratory Advisor (1994-95):  Prof. Helmut Ringsdorf, J. Gutenberg Universität, Chemistry Department, Mainz, DE
Undergraduate Advisor (1993-94):  Prof. George M. Whitesides, Department of  Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University