Graduate Education in CLASSICS
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Graduate Education in a Changing Profession

Presidential Forum presented at the 126th Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association in Atlanta, Georgia on December 28, 1994

President Charles O. Segal, Organizer

Introduction and Opening Remarks, Charles P.Segal, Harvard University, APA President

Job Placement: What do Those Statistics Mean? Jon Mikalson, University of Virginia

Curricular Patterns: Graduate Programs and the Changing Student, Carolyn Dewald, University of Southern California

Good Manners for Hard Times, Susan G. Cole, SUNY/Buffalo

Graduate Education and Teaching in the Liberal Arts College, James May, St. Olaf College

New Directions from a Penn-Sponsored Dialogue, Sheila Murnaghan, University of Pennsylvania

Classical Graduate Programs as a Paradigm for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Gregory Nagy, Harvard University

Ancient History and Interdisciplinary Studies, Erich Gruen, University of California, Berkeley

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