Graduate Education in Classics: A Continuing Conversation....

What Next?

This page will be updated periodically as more information becomes available on the projects described below. It was last updated on May 24, 1995.

Events at Penn in Fall '95

It is anticipated that there will be at least one meeting at which those interested, working as a group or perhaps in several groups, formulate specific proposals for what some of the graduate programs of the future should be. As in the case of previous meetings at Penn, all who care able to attend will be welcome to participate.

Events at other venues

The events held at Penn have been attended by scholars from every part of the country, but most plentifully by neighbors in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions. We encourage our colleagues in other parts of the country to sponsor similar events. Those of us who have been involved in these discussions would be happy to share our experiences with you and to take part in events that you sponsor.


After some specific recommendations have been generated, we plan to publish an interim report on the state of graduate education in Classics and its prospects over the coming years, either as a collection of essays or as a special issue of one of the professional journals.

APA seminar

Several people have suggested that this topic would be ideal for a three-year APA seminar. It would be interesting to hear more from a variety of people about whether this seems like a good direction in which to move, and about specific topics that such a seminar might address over its lifespan.

Internet discussion

This is not, however, a local or regional issue, nor a topic of this particular moment. The nature of our field and the ways in which we carry on our work and train others to do so should always be open to wide-ranging discussion. We intend to maintain an Internet discussion list and to archive individual contributions to it. Please send questions, comments, requests, and recommendations to OR

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