Essay Collections and Prospective Books

By James F. Ross

Parenthesis refers to citation and source reference on CV

I. Aspects of Creation Collection

a) The Fate of the Analysts: Aristotle's Revenge (72)

b) The Crash of Modal Metaphysics (68)

c) God, Creator of Kinds and Possibilities: Requiescant Universalia Ante Res (58)

d) Aquinas' Exemplarisim; Aquinas Voluntarism

e) Aquinas on Annihilation (65)

f) Musical Standards as a function of Musical Accomplishment (77)

g) Making time, part 1 and part 2

h) Christians Get the Best of Evolution (57)

II. Cognitive Voluntarism Collection

a) Mindful of Man: Real Freedom (70, 83)

b) Unless You Believe You Will Not Understand: The Sickness Only God Can Cure (48)

c) Believing for Profit (56)

d) Aquinas on Belief and Knowledge (59)

e) Rational Reliance (80)

f) Eschatological Pragmatism (64)

g) Cognitive Finality (78)

III. Religious Discourse

a) Together with the Body I Love, Abstract: Presidential Address for American Catholic Philosophical Association, November 2001, Albany, New York.

b) Religious Language (86)

c) Duns Scotus on Natural Theology (89)
Coauthored with Todd Bates. Draft: 2001

d) The Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas (90)
Draft: 2001

e) Reason And Reliance: Adjusted Prospects for Natural Theology (71)

f) On Christian Philosophy: Una Vera Philosophia? (79)

IV. Other Articles

a) Analogy (85)

b) Semantic Contagion (69)