James F. Ross , Professor of Philosophy and Law, University of Pennsylvania

Education: A.B., 1953, A.M. 1954, The Catholic University of America. Ph.D., 1958, Brown University; J.D., 1974, University of Pennsylvania, admitted to Pennsylvania Bar, 1975

Teaching Positions:
University of Michigan, Instructor, 1959-61; Assistant

Professor, 1961-62;

University of Pennsylvania, Assistant Professor, 1962-65

Associate Professor, 1965-68;

Professor, 1968-present;

Johns Hopkins University, Visiting Lecturer, 1964-65;

Brown University, Visiting Professor, Summer, 1977.

Ph.D Thesis: 1. A Critical Examination of the Analogy Theory of.

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5. Portraying Analogy. 244 pages,

Cambridge University Press, 1982. This is an explanation of semantic contagion, (analogy of meaning), its species, with applications to religion, law and philosophical analysis.

In preparation (see end):

6. (a) Hidden Necessities

(b) Willing Belief :Cognitive Voluntarism

(c) Aspects of Creation

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In Progress:
There are several books in various stages.

Hidden Necessities: Truth and Impossibility, needs final revisions. Planned for Fall, 2002: a general account of natural necessity and impossibility, with applications to theory of meaning and theory of truth, the nature of abstraction and the real constituents of thought.

Willing Belief: Cognitive Voluntarism, an account of empirical, scientific, and trans-sensual knowledge that is explained by our willing reliance and by the cognitive functioning of feeling. There A number of previously published papers (#56,64, 71,78,80), have to be integrated into a single whole: this is not a collection but the product of prior partial treatments. Finished: perhaps, Spring 2003.

Aspects of Creation: Science and God. involving revisions and expansions of earlier papers discussing the creation of time and space (#58), and the role of biological evolution;(#57) of annihilation (#65), and physical eschatology (cf. #64). Expected completion, Spring or Summer, 2003.

Remedial Justice, a brief book, based on notes prepared over several decades, tracing some ideas from medieval economic theory and medieval and early modern theories of natural law, through the conundrums facing the use of state coercion to restore an unjust society to an approximation of some ideal of original justice. This will be further developed with course to be offered for Penn Philosophy and Law students in Spring , 2003.

Introduction to some Problems of Metaphysics, a brief book, already written, to be tested for a couple of years in our Undergraduate Majors seminar on Metaphysics, based on the hundred-thirty page introduction originally prepared for Hidden Necessities, above, and now removed as too elementary. (to include # 68 and # 58).

There is also a theological work, mentioned above, drafted many years ago but never finally revised: Skepticism and the Word of God. first drafted in 1966. I hope to return to that.