Public Domain Maps

Be sure to try Google Maps for relatively recent maps and satellite imagery.

A major map site is Oddens's Bookmarks. It has thousands of links.

See the Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe.

Also, check out National Geographic's map site and map machine. The map machine contains historical maps (maps from previous centuries).

Some useful blank maps are available here, courtesy of Cynthia Kosso at Northern Arizona University.

Check out the Resource Guide on Maps and Map Skills (from Sally Belagrano). Thanks to Carly Walters' students at Amorita Charter School for suggesting this resource!

Check out The Guide to Maps and Mapping from Truckers Report. It has some great information and resources for maps and cartography (including history, collections, and online maps). Thanks to Kristyn Donovan's students at North Central Plains Charter School for suggesting this resource!

There are some nice resources for mapping and cartography here: Travel Guide to Cartographic Resources. Thanks to Alice Taylor (Daly City Public Library, California) for suggesting this site!

And visit the Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection (University of Texas, Austin).

Ian Macky provides a Portable Atlas with free, open-source maps.

Maps of the Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity

Here are two public domain maps useful for making presentations on the ancient Mediterreanean world.

Adolf Harnack,
The Spread of Christianity
down to 180 A.D.

Because of the time elapsed since the copyright date, these maps are now in the public domain.
Click on the map to see larger versions.

Xerox Parc,
Unlabeled Outline Map of Mediterranean

This map was created using the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center Map Generator. Because it used public data, the maps produced are in the public domain. Unfortunately, the PARC Map Generator has been deactivated. Click on the map to see a larger version. You can edit the map to add your own labels.

Jay Treat