Thomas Tomkins, "It is my well-beloved's voice"

It is my well-beloved's voice
that soundeth in my ear.
My heart hereat doth much rejoice
to see him draw so near.
See, on yonder mountain top,
on yon same hill so tall
how hitherward my love doth hop,
my heart doth skip withal.

Based on Song of Songs 2:8

Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656, English)
Recorded on Canticum Canticorum: Das Hohelied der Liebe in Motetten alter Meister, Vokalensemble Cantos, Osnabrück; Würzburger Violenconsort; Michael Tausch, Orgelpositiv; directed by Johannes Rahe (Carus, 1991) Disc LC 3989

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