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Introduction to the Internet: Understanding URL's 

The address of this page is:'s.html 

You will find it in the location bar at the top of this page. It can be analyzed, or parsed, as follows: 
Protocol:  http:// 
Domain name:
Directory path: ~kmcmahon/workshop/ 
File name:  URL's.html 

The domain name indicates the server where the page is housed: in this case at ccat (Center for the Computer Analysis of Texts) sas (School of Arts and Sciences) upenn (University of Pennsylvania). The final edu indicates that this server is located in a US educational institution. 

In the directory path, which appears after the single / , the tilde (~) indicates that this is a personal directory (belonging to kmcmahon), which contains a subdirectory (workshop) which contains the file or page you are reading (URL's.html) 

Whenever you are typing a Web address, it is essential to get every detail precisely. Each dot, forward slash, upper-case letter, lower-case letter, etc. must be represented exactly. To avoid problems, whenever possible, cut and paste web addresses . 

Domain names: 
.com Commercial sites
.edu U.S. Educational institutions
.gov U.S. government sites
.mil U.S. military sites
.net Networks
.org Non-profit organizations
Some country codes: 
.au Australia
.be Belgium
.br Brazil
.ca Canada
.de Germany
.es Spain
.fr France
.gb/.uk Great Britain
.it Italy
.jp Japan
.mx Mexico

More information about URLs 

Kathryn K. McMahon