Offered in Spring Term
Chemistry 700 - Selected Topics in Chemistry
Modern Solid State Chemistry
"Bands vs. Bonds"


Topics include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  1. Introduction to band theory of solids using the simplest pseudo 1-D polymer, polyacetylene, (CH)x
  2. Peierl's metal/insulator transition
  3. Mid-gap states: solitons, polarons, bipolarons
  4. Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors
  5. Semimetals
  6. Photoconductivity
  7. Band bending in doped silicon: p/n junctions, Schottky junctions, rectification of AC current, photovoltaic phenomenon at silicon junctions
  8. Electroluminescence
  9. Change in Fermi level in lightly and heavily doped silicon with degree of doping and with temperature
  10. Density of States
  11. Electrochemistry as applied to solid state chemistry, reduction potentials, cyclic voltammetry, chemistry of (solid state) batteries
  12. Platinum chain compounds
  13. Metallic poly(sulfur nitride), (SN)x inorganic chain compound
  14. Mercury chain compounds
  15. Organic charge-transfer metallic crystals such as (TTF)(TCNQ)
  16. Ionic and superionic conductors and applications in fuel cells

6 May 1998