Photos of the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter & Paul, Philadelphia PA

1957 High Altar & Baldachin with 2007 reredos and Tabernacle.

Cathedral under construction c.1860


Cathedral under construction c.1860

Lithograph of earlier proposed design


View from the north on 18th Street, c.1901

Lithograph (c. 1853) of proposed design for the cathedral.


Sketch of of original Standbridge case

Austin Chancel organ chamber sketch of plan


Austin organ loft plan sketch

Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter & Paul. Completed 1864, Napolean LeBrun, Architect.


View of the [west] organ gallery and Otto Eggers' Organ Case (1957) and aisle.

One of the 1957 Sanctuary stained glass windows.


View of one of the clerestory windows.

Closeup of Cathedral Dome. Painting: "The Assumption" (oil on canvas), Constantino Brumidi, 1861.


One of the angels adorning the organ case.

Closeup of loft and organ case.


View of the organ case from the gallery.

Closeup of Antiphonal organ facade.


Antiphonal organ facade and choir screen, viewed from the Sanctuary.