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I am mainly interested in decision making under uncertainty, especially as it relates to environmental decisions. Most of my research incorporate both economic modeling and psychological factors.

Working Projects

"Promoting Favorable Coordination: Stochastic vs. Deterministic Outcomes". With Geoff Heal, David Krantz and Howard Kunreuther.

"Why should You Care about the Sea Lion? -Educate the Public about the Value of Biodiversity". With Geoff Heal and David Krantz.

"Why is China willing to Sacrifice Green Trees for Green Bills? -Cultural Difference in Temporal and Probabilistic Discounting". With David Krantz and Elke Weber.

"Group Polarization Reconsidered." With Geoff Goodwin.


Gong, M., Baron, J. and H. Kunreuther. 2009. “Group Cooperation Under Uncertainty”. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 39(3): 251-270.

Working Papers

Gong, M. and Baron, J. “The generality of the emotion effect on magnitude sensitivity”.  Revision requested from the Journal of Economics Pschology.

Gong, M. and Aadland, D. “Interviewer Effects in an Environmental Valuation Telephone Survey.” Under Review.

Gong, M., Baron, J. and H. Kunreuther. "Why do Groups Cooperate More than Individuals to Reduce Risks?" In preparation for submission for publication.

Gong, M., Baron, J., and H. Kunreuther. “Fairness Perception and Decisions Under Uncertainty.”  In preparation for submission for publication.

Gong, M., Baron, J. and H. Kunreuther. “When does uncertainty reduce inter-group competition and encourage inter-group cooperation?”

Liersch, Michael J, Rottenstreich, Yuval, Kunreuther, Howard, and Gong, Min. " The Endowment Effect Under Uncertainty." In preparation for submission for publication.

Finnoff, D., Gong, M., and J.T. Tschirhart. (2007) Joint Determination to Assess the Economic Importance of Ecosystem Services. The Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 2007 Workshop, Mystic, Connecticut.


Dissertation in Psychology. “Group Cooperation Under Uncertainty”.
You can also download a ppt file that summarizes the above dissertation here.

Dissertation in Economics. General Equilibrium Ecological Model in Practical Use --------An Alternative Population Dynamics Model for Interacting Species and Its Applications in Resource Economics.

Other Activities

As a Chinese, I am very interested in how cultural differences influence people's decision processes. I am currently in the process of setting a Chinese subject pool that recruits participants directly from China for online studies.

If you are interested in running studies using my Chinese subject pool or participating in the maintenance of the subject pool, please contact me regarding the Chinese subject pool .



Judgment and Decision Making Society

The JDM Journal

Department of Psychology


The Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center

The Decision Processes Colloquia

American Economic Association


my home department at the University of Wyoming



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