Min at CRED With Sabine and Ben
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Who am I?

I grew up in China and came to the U.S. in the August of 2002. Other than being "a third gender", namely a femal Ph.D according to a Chinese joke, I am an average person. I claim to love camping and swimming, but spend most of my leisure time eating pop corns. I like reading (and I do!), but most nonresearch books I read in the past year were read to me by my ipod. My economist self keeps telling me that life is hard, but my psychologist self has shown me that life is beautiful!

Life in New York

Coming soon :)

Life in Philly

Follow the footsteps of freedomgreen bell

Philly Art Museum

The Barnes Foundation

First Fridays at old city

A cinema close to Penn

Let's go shopping

Public transportation

Looking for something to do while you are at Philly?



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