Florence, humanists, and their manuscripts


Poggio Bracciolini (1380-1459)
     b. near Arezzo, studied notarial arts in Florence  
        Salutati,   Chrysoloras  
         apostolic secretary to  anti-pope John XXIII
              Council of Constance  
              Cluny, Fulda, St. Gall to collect mss
  handwriting reform; manuscript copying

    Medieval libraries
    1. Cathedrals.    
    2. Monasteries
    3. Private
    4. Universities

   1. Monasteries
   2. Cities. Florence: Stationarii: guild of doctors and apothecaries, as were painters
   book collectors: Petrarch.   Poggio.  Niccolò Niccoli

   Florence’s  new library  
   San Marco     
             reformed Dominican house, patronage of  Medici  
       Niccolò Niccoli     
              for all interested persons, clerical or lay.
               Monks forbidden to sell,  alienate, or move books
               No loaning out except to  trustees
    Board of 16 trustees. Included: Cosimo  and Lorenzo; Leonardo Bruni, Poggio  
   1445       400 volumes

     Cosimo de’ Medici: purchasing agents

Handwriting reform

15th-c copy of Livy From Vatican Library


Palatine Vergil, 5th of 6th c

Pal. lat. 1631 fol. 15 verso vlib21 INT.10


Carolingian: Historia Augusta

Pal. lat. 899 fols. 209 verso-210 recto vlib20 INT.09