Sakarya Valley Hotel

Two watercolors by Naomi F. Miller

Grand Entrance Hotel Grounds
Experience the Romance of the Past at the newest attraction in the Sakarya Valley. Walk where the Phrygians walked, live where the Phrygians lived. Be greeted by a Phrygian doorman. Bathe in the waters that Phrygians could only dream of bathing in! If only we could build a hotel on the Citadel mound of Gordion, it might look like this! Just imagine what a REAL hotel spa in the ruins would mean! Solar-heated stones make your bath a pleasant, if warm, experience in the summer, and a bracing one in the winter. Phrygian Village garden apartments repurpose the Terrace Buildings for your leisure: grindstones and looms have been replaced by cushions and plasma televisions (each aerial is cleverly disguised as an acroterion)! Matar welcomes all to experience spiritual renewal in her non-denominational chapel.

The plan? let tourists soak in water piped in from Ayaş without ever leaving Yassıhöyük...