Archaeobotany Methodology Survey

In the autumn, 2009, I organized a questionnaire about how archaeobotanists deal with a variety of practical issues concerning the analysis of macroremains. It was intended to inform discussion at a forum organized by Christine Hastorf, "Quantification and Presentation: Effective Means of Presenting Plant Evidence in Archaeology" (Friday, April 16, 2010, the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology). For a summary of results, see Archaeobotanical Methodology: Results of an Archaeobotany Questionnaire. SAA Archaeological Record 11(4): 8-10, published in 2011. If you want to read a fuller accounting of the results, click on Archaeobotany Methodology Survey.

Near East searches and resources
ABZU: Oriental Institute Research Archive

Paléorient: If you have written an article or book chapter published this year on a topic covered by the journal Paléorient, send them the reference in December so it can be included in their annual bibliography: You can add your new Near East publications to their database; the bibliography so accumulated is published annually.
TAY:Türk Arkeoloji Yerleşmeleri (Archaeological Settlements of Turkey)--inventory of sites
Iran website

Organizations of archaeological and archaeobotanical interest
ISAW: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
UPM: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Archaeology magazine: Archived abstracts
AEA: Association for Environmental Archaeology
Archaeobotany listserv (use search term: archaeobotany

Colleagues, Projects, and Colleagues' Projects
Gordion: official project page
Hacinebi a website that is trying to connect academics worldwide. So if you want to check out my page, see NFM's page
Helmut Kroll: literature on archaeological remains of cultivated plants (bibliography)
George Willcox: archaeobotany
Simone Riehl: archaeobotany; see also Archaeobotanical database for Near East
Eleni Asouti: archaeobotany (charcoal)
Dorian Fuller at UCL: archaeobotany
Delwen Samuel and Mark Nesbitt: archaeobotany
John (Mac) Marston: archaeobotany
Jade d'Alpoim Guedes, Collaborative site for seed identification and networking

Organizations of botanical or ethnobotanical interest
Society of Ethnobiology
Society for Ecological Restoration
People and Plants Online: Royal Botanic Garden, Kew
Economic botany links from RBG-Kew
Society for Economic Botany
Legumes!: Cooperative Research Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture
Wood Anatomy: International Association of Wood Anatomists

Projects of ethnobotanical interest
Indigenous Plant Protection in Yemen

Simple flotation instructions, a cheap manual system that doesn't use a lot of water
C-14 Calibration (just plug in BP +/- !)
Maps: oldmapsonline, , and orbis worldmap
FAO food composition, see 'tables and databases'
Archaeobotanical database for Near East maintained by Simone Riehl
Archaeobotanical literature data base maintained by Helmut Kroll
Collaborative archaeobotanical database of seed images maintained by Jade d'Alpoim Guedes
BioImages, "virtual field-guide (UK)" with beautiful useful plant photos!
Wood anatomy key, species of central Europe
Mansfeld database on crop plants

HTML info, also at NCSA HTML guide
ASCII code for HTML
Non-dithering colors for HTML
Colors for HTML

Community Supported Agriculture for locally produced food, all over the U.S.!
Travelers' Health, Center for Disease Control
Science Direct: some journals on-line

For fun and general interest
Plants are Cool, Too! videos
Spatial Analysis of British Woolworth's
Zooarchaeology video
Jackson Pollock site
Julie Unruh's paintings
International Dark Sky Association. Watch the interesting video, Hidden Costs Series: Light Pollution, to see why I care.
Dig libraries, comments by Jack Cheng
Trees and Plant Lore resources

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