Plants, Animals and People Archaeobiology Discussion Group

Meetings in 2021/2022, our twelfth year (!) are ordinarily the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays [or Wednesdays, depending] of the month. Pandemic schedule: 11 am-noon, 1st & 3rd Wednesdays.

February 16, 2022 [cuisine and cultivars]

Ritchey, Melissa M., Yufeng Sun, Giedre Motuzaite Matuzeviciute, Shinya Shoda, Anil K. Pokharia, Michael Spate, Li Tang, Jixiang Song, Haiming Li, Guanghui Dong, Petra Vaiglova, Michael Frachetti and Xinyi Liu
2022 The wind that shakes the barley: the role of East Asian cuisines on barley grain size. World Archaeology. DOI: 10.1080/00438243.2022.2030792

February 2, 2022 [canine distemper]

Uhl, Elizabeth W., Charles Kelderhouse, Jane Buikstra, Jeffrey P. Blick, Brad Bolon, and Robert J. Hogan
2019 New World origin of canine distemper: Interdisciplinary insights. International Journal of Paleopathology 24: 266-278.

January 19, 2022 [more stone tools and early agriculture]

Mazzucco, Niccolo
2021 Stones that made food. A lithic viewpoint on food production practices in the early Mediterranean Neolithic. Food and History 19 (1-2): 255-273.

Hamon, Caroline
2021 A revolution in food preparation? Grinding and pounding plants in the first farming communities of Western Europe and the Mediterranean region. Food and History 19 (1-2): 275-298.

December 1, 2021 [stone tools and early agriculture]

Ibáñez-Estévez, Juan J., Patricia C. Anderson, Amaia Arranz-Otaegui, Jesús E. González-Urquijo, Anne Jörgensen-Lindahl, Niccolò Mazzucco, Fiona Pichon, Tobias Richter
2021 Sickle gloss texture analysis elucidates long-term change in plant harvesting during the transition to agriculture. Journal of Archaeological Science 136,105502.

November 17, 2021 [garden archaeology]

Figueiral, Isabel, Pascale Chevillot, Sophie Martin, Sarah Ivorra, Françoise Paone, Elsa Sagetat-Basseuil, Brigitte de Luca, and Josiane Cuzon
2021 (Sub)urban gardens from Provence (Southern France, 14th-17th century) and the presence of Ricinus communis. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 30: 313-329.

November 3, 2021 [wild, domestic, market sources of animal products]

Zierden, Martha A. and Elizabeth J. Reitz
2009 Animal use and the urban landscape in colonial Charleston, South Carolina, USA International Journal of Historical Archaeology 13(3): 327-365.

October 20, 2021 [rat isotopes & human diet]

Guiry, E. J. and B.C. Gaulton
2016 Inferring human behaviors from isotopic analyses of rat diet: A critical review and historical application. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 23(2): 399-426.

October 6, 2021 [fermented food]

Shoda, Shinya
2021 Seeking Prehistoric Fermented Food in Japan and Korea. Current Anthropology 62 (supp. 24) . (or )

September 22, 2021 [species model for domestication]

Bates, Jennifer
2021 Is domestication speciation? The implications of a messy domestication model in the Holocene. Agronomy 2021, 11, 784.

May 5, 2021 [insects]

Dussault, Frédéric, Allison Bain, and Genevieve LeMoine
2014 Early Thule winter houses: An archaeoentomological analysis. Arctic Anthropology 5: 101-117.

April 21, 2021 [methodology: integrating different data sets]

Heiss, Andreas G. and Hans-Peter Stika
2013 Making the incomparable comparable? A new attempt of the semi-quantitative evaluation of large-scale archaeobotanical data. Poster (I assume International Work Group in Palaeothnobotany).

Stika, Hans-Peter and Andreas G. Heiss
2013 Plant cultivation in the Bronze Age. In The Oxford Handbook of the European Bronze Age, eds. H. Fokkens and A. Harding. DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199572861.013.0019.

Effinberger, Henrike
2018 The plant economy of the Northern European Bronze Age--more diversity through increased trade with southern regions. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 27: 65-74.

April 7, 2021 [parrots]

Capriles, José M., Calogero M. Santoro, Richard J. George, Eliana Flores Bedregal, Douglas J. Kennett, Logan Kistler, and Francisco Rothhammer
2021 Pre-Columbian transregional captive rearing of Amazonian parrots in the Atacama Desert. PNAS 118: 15 e2020020118 .

March 17, 2021

Kislev, Mordechai and Efraim Lev
2019 Dietary and health issues of the inhabitants of the Middle Paleolithic Kebara Cave. In Kebara Cave, Mt. Carmel, Israel. The Middle and Upper Paleolithic Archaeology Part II, eds. L. Meignen and O. Bar-Yosef. American School of Prehistoric Research Bulletin 51, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, pp. 149-164. Cambridge MA. .

February 17, 2021

Ceren Kabukcu, Eleni Asouti, Nadja Pöllath, Joris Peters, and Necmi Karul
2021 Pathways to plant domestication in Southeast Anatolia based on new data from aceramic Neolithic Gusir Höyük. Nature Research Scientific Reports|(2021) 11:2112.

February 3, 2021

Asouti, Eleni, Douglas Baird, Ceren Kabukcu, Kate Swinson, Louise Martin, Aroa Garcia-Suárez, Emma Jenkins, and Kamal Rasheed
2020 The Zagros Epipalaeolithic revisited: New excavations and 14C dates from Palegawra cave in Iraqi Kurdistan. PLOS ONE.

January 20, 2021 [Bronze Age trade contacts]

Scott, Ashley, Robert C. Power, Victoria Altmann-Wendling, Michal Artzy, Mario A.S. Martin, Stefanie Eisenmann, Richard Hagan, Domingo C. Salazar-García, Yossi Salmon, Dmitry Yegorov, Ianir Milevski, Israel Finkelstein, Philipp W. Stockhammer, and Christina Warinner
2020 (2021) Exotic foods reveal contact between South Asia and the Near East during the second millennium BCE. PNAS January 12, 2021118(2)e2014956117 .

December 16, 2020 [emmer wheat]

Gottfried, Xander
2020 "It's Hip to be Ancient: The Rise, Persistence and Rediscovery of Emmer Wheat". unpublished manuscript.

December 2, 2020 [grazers and the origins of agriculture]

Mueller, Natalie, Robert N. Spengler III, Ashley Glenn, and Kunsang Lama
2020 Bison, anthropogenic fire, and the origins of agriculture in eastern North America. Anthropocene Review.

Spengler, Robert N. III and Natalie Mueller
2019 Grazing animals drove domestication of grain crops. Nature Plants 5: 656-662.

November 18, 2020 [zoonosis]

Bos, K.I. et al. et al. et al. et al.
2014 Pre-Columbian mycobacterial genomes reveal seals as a source of New World human tuberculosis. Nature Research Letter. DOI:10.1038/nature13591

November 4, 2020

Diffey, Charlotte, Reinder Neef, Jürgen Seeher, and Amy Bogaard
2020 The agroecology of an early state: new results from Hattusha. Antiquity 94: 1204-1223 . (DOI:10.15184/aqy.2020.172)

October 21, 2020 [dairy]

Chakraborty, Kalyan Sekhar, Greg F. Slater, Heather M.-L. Miller, Prabodh Shirvalkar and Yadubirsingh Rawat
2020 Compound specific isotope analysis of lipid residues provides the earliest direct evidence of dairy product processing in South Asia. Scientific Reports 10 (2020). DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-72963-y.

October 7, 2020 [origin of agriculture, west Asia]

Abbo, S. and A. Gopher
2020 Plant domestication in the Neolithic Near East: The humans-plants liaison. Quaternary Science Reviews 242: 106412.

September 16, 2020 [date palm]

Sallon, Sarah, Emira Cherif, Nathalie Chabrillange, Elaine Solowey, Muriel Gros-Balthazard, Sarah Ivorra, Jean-Frédéric Terral, Markus Egli, and Frédérique Aberlenc
2020 Origins and insights into the historic Judean date palm based on genetic analysis of germinated ancient seeds and morphometric studies. Science Advances 2020 6: eaax0384, 5 February 2020.

See also: "Aided by Modern Ingenuity, a Taste of Ancient Judean Dates," NYT Sept. 8, 2020.

March 3, 2020 [dogs]

McKechnie, Iain, Madonna L. Moss, and Susan J. Crockford
2020 Domestic dogs and wild canids on the Northwest Coast of North America: Animal husbandry in a region without agriculture? Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 60 (2020) 101209.

December 3, 2019 [birds]

Kadowaki Seiji, Lisa Maher, Marta Portillo, Rosa M. Albert, Chie Akashi, Farhad Guliyev, Yoshihiro Nishiaki
2015 Geoarchaeological and palaeobotanical evidence for prehistoric cereal storage in the southern Caucasus: the Neolithic settlement of Göytepe(mid 8th millennium BP) Journal of Archaeological Science 53: 408-425. DOI: 10.1080/00231940.2017.1420612

November 19, 2019 [birds]

Cordero, Robin M.
2018 Puebloan agriculture and its impact on the migratory behavior of birds. Kiva 84: 85-109. DOI: 10.1080/00231940.2017.1420612

November 5, 2019 [starch critique]

Mercader, Julio, Tolutope Akeju, Melisa Brown, Mariam Bundala, Matthew J. Collins, Les Copeland, Alison Crowther, Peter Dunfield, Amanda Henry, Jamie Inwood, Makarius Itambua, Joong-Jae Kim, Steve Larter, Laura Longo, Thomas Oldenburg, Robert Patalano, Ramaswami Sammynaiken, María Soto, Robert Tyler, and Hermine Xhauflair
2018 Exaggerated expectations in ancient starch research and the need for new taphonomic and authenticity criteria. Facets 3: 777-798. DOI: 10.1139/facets-2017-0126

October 15, 2019 [dung identification et al.]

Koromila, Georgia, Panagiotis Karkanas, Yannis Hamilakis, Nina Kyparissi-Apostolika, Georgia Kotzamanie, and Kerry Harris
2018 The Neolithic tell as a multi-species monument: Human, animal, and plant relationships through a micro-contextual study of animal dung remains at Koutroulou Magoula, central Greece. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 19: 753-768. DOI: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2018.03.011

October 1, 2019 [Neolithic cooking]

Fuller, Dorian Q. and Lara Gonzalez Carretero
2018 The archaeology of Neolithic cooking traditions: archaeobotanical approaches to baking, boiling and fermenting. Archaeology International 21: 109-121. DOI: 10.5334/ai-391

September 17, 2019 [Göbekli grain foods]

Dietrich L, Meister J, Dietrich O, Notroff J, Kiep J, Heeb J, et al.
2019 Cereal processing at Early Neolithic Göbekli Tepe, southeastern Turkey. PLoS ONE 14(5): e0215214 .

May 1, 2019 [dung]

Dunseth, Zachary C., Daniel Fuks, Dafna Langgut, Ehud Weiss, Yoel Melamed, Don H. Butler, Xin Yan, Elisabetta Boaretto, Yotam Tepper, Guy Bar-Oz, Ruth Shahack-Gross
2019 Archaeobotanical proxies and archaeological interpretation: A comparative study of phytoliths, pollen and seeds in dung pellets and refuse deposits at Early Islamic Shivta, Negev, Israel. Quaternary Science Reviews 211: 166-185.

April 17, 2019 [Natufian beer]

Li Liu, Jiajing Wang, Danny Rosenberg, Hao Zhao, György Lengyel, Dani Nadel
2018 Fermented beverage and food storage in 13,000 y-old stone mortars at Raqefet Cave, Israel: Investigating Natufian ritual feasting. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports: 21: 783-793.

April 3, 2019 [ethnoarchaeology]

Alonso, Natàlia
2019 A first approach to women, tools and operational sequences in traditional manual cereal grinding. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Nature].

2018 Dental calculus indicates widespread plant use within the stable Neanderthal dietary niche. Journal of Human Evolution 119: 27-41.

March 20, 2019 [Neanderthal diet]

Power, Robert C., Domingo C. Salazar-García, Mauro Rubini, Andrea Darlas, Katerina Harvati, Michael Walker, Jean-Jacques Hublin, and Amanda G. Henry
2018 Dental calculus indicates widespread plant use within the stable Neanderthal dietary niche. Journal of Human Evolution 119: 27-41.

Jaouen, Klervia , Michael P. Richards, Adeline Le Cabec, Frido Welker, William Rendu, Jean-Jacques Hublin, Marie Soressi, and Sahra Talamo
2019 Exceptionally high 'd'15N values in collagen single amino acids confirm Neandertals as high-trophic level carnivores. PNAS 116(11): 4928-4933.

February 6, 2019 [more on the vine]

Bouby, L., P. Marinval, and J.-F. Terral
2018 From secondary to speculative production? The protohistory history of viticulture in southern France. In Plants and People, Choices and Diversity through Time, eds. A. Chevalier, E. Marinova, and L. Peña-Chocarro, pp. 175-181.

Also, the introduction to the section by Bouby & Ruas (p. 141-149)

January 23, 2019 [pastoralism for the llama and alpaca crowd]

Grant, Jennifer and Kevin Lane 2018 The political ecology of late South American pastoralism: an Andean perspective A.D. 1,000-1,615. Journal of Political Ecology 25: 446-469.

December 4, 2018 [grape charcoal]

Limiera, Bertrand, Sarah Ivorra, Laurent Bouby, Isabel Figueiral, Lucie Chabal, Manon Cabanis, Mohammed Ater, Thierry Lacombe, Jérome Ros, Laurent Brémond, and Jean-Frédéric Terral
2018 Documenting the history of the grapevine and viticulture: A quantitative eco-anatomical perspective applied to modern and archaeological charcoal. Journal of Archaeological Science 100: 45-61.

November 6, 2018 [maize in the Northeast]

Pfeiffer, Susan, Judith C. Sealy, Ronald F. WIlliamson, and Suzanne Needs-Howarth
2016 Maize, fish, and deer: Investigating dietary staples among ancestral Huron-Wendat villages, as documented from tooth samples. American Antiquity 81: 515-532.

Extra for those interested

Hart, John P., Hetty Jo Brumbach, Lisa M. Anderson, and Susan Winchell-Sweeney
2017 Maize and pits: late prehistoric occupations of the Hurley Site in the Esopus Creek Valley, Ulster County, New York. Archaeology of Eastern North America 45: 133-160.

October 16, 2018 [residue]

Roffet-Salque, Mélanie, Julie Dunne, David T. Altoft, Emmanuelle Casanova, Lucy J.E. Cramp, Jessica Smyth, Helen L. Whelton, and Richard P. Evershed
2017 From the inside out: Upscaling organic residue analyses of archaeological ceramics. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 16: 627-640.

October 2, 2018 [empire]

Rosenzweig, Melissa S. and John M. Marston
2018 Archaeologies of empire and environment. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology,

April 18, 2018 [climate / transition to agriculture]

Roberts, Neil, Jessie Woodbridge, Andrew Bevan, Alessio Palmisano, Stephen Shennan, Eleni Asouti
2018 Human responses and non-responses to climatic variations during the last Glacial-Interglacial transition in the eastern Mediterranean. Quaternary Science Reviews.

April 4, 2018 [textiles in archaeology]

Boyd, Brian
2018 Ecologies of fiber-work: Animal technologies and invisible craft practices in prehistoric Southwest Asia. Quaternary International 468: 250-261.

March 7, March 21: cancelled due to weather events in Philadelphia [Çatalhöyük]

Bogaard, Amy, Dragana Filipović, Andrew Fairbairn, Laura Green, Elizabeth Stroud, Dorian Fuller, and Michael Charles
2017 Agricultural innovation and resilience in a long-lived early farming community: The 1,500-year sequence at Neolithic to early Chalcolithic Çatalhöyük, central Anatolia. Anatolian Studies 67: 1-28. [Link]

February 21, 2018 [beer]

Valamoti, Soultana Maria
2017 Brewing beer in wine country? First archaeolobotanical indications for beer making in Early and Middle Bronze Age Greece. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany.

February 7, 2018 [for archaeobotany methodology, ethnoarchaeology

Weisskopf, Alison
2016 Elusive wild foods in South East Asian subsistence: Modern ethnography and archaeological phytoliths. Quaternary International.

January 17, 2018 [for archaeobotany methodology]

Farahani, Alan, Benjamin W. Porter, Hanna Huynh, and Bruce Routledge
2016 Crop storage and animal husbandry at Early Iron Age Khirbat al-Mudayna al-'Aliya (Jordan): A paleoethnobotanical approach. In The Archaeology of Agro-Pastoralist Economies in Jordan, ed. K.M. McGeough, pp. 27-88. Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research 69.

December 5, 2017 [pastoralism in Anatolia]

Hammer, E. and B. Arbuckle
2017 10,000 years of pastoralism in Anatolia: A review of evidence for variability in pastoral lifeways. Nomadic Peoples 21.2 (Ancient Pastoralisms): 214-267. [Link]

November 21, 2017 [Happy Thanksgiving]

November 7, 2017 [dogs]

Lupo, K. D.
2017 When and where do dogs improve hunting productivity? The empirical record and some implications for early Upper Paleolithic prey acquisition. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 47: 139-151.

Marshall-Pescini, S., S. Cafazzo, Z. Virányi, and F. Range
2017 Integrating social ecology in explanations of wolf-dog behavioral differences. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 16: 80-86.

October 14, 2017 [paleoethnomedicine]

Richer, Suzi and Benjamin Gearey
2017 The Medicine Tree: Unsettling palaeoecological perceptions of past environments and human activity. Journal of Social Archaeology 17: 239-262.

October 3, 2017 [Anthropocene and conservation]

Roberts, Patrick, Chris Hunt, Manuel Arroyo-Kalin, Damian Evans and Nicole Boivin
2017 The deep human prehistory of global tropical forests and its relevance for modern conservation. Nature Plants 3, article no. 17093.

September 19, 2017 [1st meeting]

April 19, 2017 [SAA papers]

Miller, Naomi F.
2017 Social and spiritual landscapes in ancient Mesopotamia.

Toro, Fabian, Chantel White, and Joyce White
2017 Developing a legacy collection of traditional rice cultivation: Implications for archaeobotanical study.

April 5, 2017 [Experimental food and cooking]

Morrison, Jerolyn
2016? Cook it up and dish it out! A sensory experience: An approach to experimental archaeology, pp. 6-10, with tasty lentil stew provided, thanks Jerolyn! See also Minoan Tastes.

March 15, 2017 [dog, maize, and isotope]

Allitt, Sharon, R. Michael Stewart and Timothy Messner
2008 The utility of dog bone (Canis familiaris) in stable isotope studies for investigating prehistoric maize consumption: A preliminary study. North American Archaeologist 29:339-363.

March 1, 2017 [Chantel White presentation from Hittite wine conference]

Biwer, Matthew E. and Amber M. VanDerwarker
2015 Paleoethnobotany and ancient alcohol production: A mini-review. Ethnobiology Letters 6: 28-31.

February 15, 2017 [maize; Old World, New World archaeobotany]

Brown, Terence A.
2010 Differing approaches and perceptions in the study of New and Old World Crops. In Histories of Maize in Mesoamerica, eds. J.E. Staller, R.H. Tykot, and B.F. Benz, pp. 14-19. Left Coast Press.

February 1, 2017 [salmon]

Thornton, Thomas, Douglas Deur, and Herman Kitka, Sr.
2015 Cultivation of salmon and other marine resources on the northwest coast of North America. Human Ecology 43: 188-199. DOI 10.1007/s10745-015-9747-z

McKechnie, Iain and Madonna L. Moss
2016 Meta-analysis in zooarchaeology expands perspectives on Indigenous fisheries of the Northwest Coast of North America. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 8: 470-485.

January 18, 2017 [niche construction, globalization]

Boivin, Nicole L., Melinda A. Zeder, Dorian Q. Fuller, Alison Crowther, Greger Larson, Jon M. Erlandson, Tikm Denham, and Michael D. Petraglia
2016 Ecological consequences of human niche construction: Examining long-term anthropogenic shaping of global species distributions. PNAS 113 (23): 6388-6396.

December 6, 2016 [origin of agriculture, west Asia]

Asouti, Eleni and Andrew S. Fairbairn
2010 Farmers, gatherers or horticulturalists? Reconstructing landscapes of practice in the Early Neolithic. In Landscapes in Transition, eds. Bill Finlayson and Graeme Warren, pp. 161-172. Oxbow Books.

November 15, 2016 [rice]

Fuller, D.Q. Rouse
2011 Pathways to Asian Civilizations: Tracing the Origins and Spread of Rice and Rice Cultures. Rice 4: 78. doi:10.1007/s12284-011-9078-7

November 1, 2016 [pastoralism, nomads in Central Asia]

Spengler, Robert N. III, Barbara Cerasetti, Margareta Tengberg, and Lynne M. Rouse
2014 Agriculturalists and pastoralists: Bronze Age economy of the Murghab alluvial fan, southern Central Asia. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 23: 805-820.

Extra, for those interested in the cultural and culinary background on millet in Central Asia, see this work by former PAP group member Julia McLean, "Steppe, Seed, & Supper: An Ethnoarchaeological Approach to Plant Foodways in Kazakhstan," available through Scholarly Commons.

October 18, 2016 [Epipaleolithic Wetlands, Levant]

Ramsey, Monica N. and Arlene M. Rosen
2016 Wedded to wetlands: Exploring Late Pleistocene plant-use in the Eastern Levant. Quaternary International 396 (7): 5-19.

October 4, 2016 [Hallen Çemi bird bones]

Zeder, Melinda A. and Megan D. Spitzer
2016 New insights into broad spectrum communities of the Early Holocene Near East: The birds of Hallan Çemi. Quaternary Science Reviews 151: 140-159. Available without subscription

September 20, 2016 [recent field work by members]

Deb Olszewski (Sudan) and Chantel White (Jordan) gave short presentations of recent field work, and Kate Moore showed us some nifty mammoth bones.

May 3, 2016 [storage]

Peña-Chocarro, Guillem Pérez Jordà, Jacob Morales Mateos & Lydia Zapata
2016 Storage in traditional farming communities of the western Mediterranean: Ethnographic, historical and archaeological data. Environmental Archaeology 20: 379-389.

Extra, for those interested:

Winterhalder, B., C. Puleston, and C. Ross
2016 Production risk, inter-annual food storage by households and population-level consequences in seasonal prehistoric agrarian societies. Environmental Archaeology 20: 337-348.

April 20, 2016 [teosinte to maize]

Webster, David L.
2011 Backward bottlenecks: ancient teosinte/maize selection. Current Anthropology 52:77-104.

Piperno, Dolores R., Anthony J. Ranere, Irene Holst, Jose Iriarte, and Ruth Dickau
Starch grain and phytolith evidence for early ninth millennium B.P. maize from the Central Balsas River Valley, Mexico. PNAS 106(13): 5019-5024.

April 6, 2016 [cancelled due to SAA, Orlando!]

March 16, 2016 [isotopes, Neolithic fertilizer]

Vaiglova, P., A. Bogaard, M. Collins, W. Cavanagh, C. Mee, J. Renard, A. Lamb, A. Gardreisen, and R. Fraser
2014 An integrated stable isotope study of plants and animals from Kouphovouno, southern Greece: a new look at Neolithic farming. Journal of Archaeological Science 42: 201-215.

March 2, 2016 [Marsh Arabs]

Reed Goodman gave a presentation about recent fieldwork associated with excavations at Ur- a trip through the marshes.

February 17, 2016 [Ur and date palms]

Van De Mieroop, Marc
1992 Old Babylonian Ur: Portrait of an Ancient Mesopotamian City. Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Studies 21.

Ellison, Rosemary, Jane Renfrew, Don Brothwell, and Nigel Seeley
1978 Some Food Offerings from Ur, Excavated by Sir Leonard Woolley, and Previously Unpublished. Journal of Archaeological Science 5:167-177.

February 3, 2016 [pastoralism & niche construction]

McClure, Sarah B.
2015 The Pastoral Effect. Niche Construction, Domestic Animals, and the Spread of Farming in Europe. Current Anthropology 56.

December 8, 2015 [pollen from Herod's garden]

Dafna Langgut, Kathryn Gleason and Barbara Burrell
2015 Pollen analysis as evidence for Herod's Royal Garden at the Promontory Palace, Caesarea. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences.

November 17, 2015 [Cahokia uncharred seeds]

Lopinot, Neal H., Timothy Schilling, Gayle J. Fritz, and John E. Kelly
2015 Implications of Plant Remains from the East Face of Monks Mound. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 40: 209-230.

November 3, 2015 [dog domestication]

Morell, Virginia
2015 From Wolf to Dog. Scientific American (July): 61-67.

Morey, Darcy F. and Rujana Jeger
2015 Paleolithic dogs:Why sustained domestication then? Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 3: 420-428.

October 20, 2015 [Ohalo & weeds]

Snir A, Nadel D, Groman-Yaroslavski I, Melamed Y, Sternberg M, Bar-Yosef O, et al.
2015 The Origin of Cultivation and Proto-Weeds, Long Before Neolithic Farming. PLOSone 10(7): e0131422. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0131422.

October 6, 2015 [summer 2015 archaeobiological activities of group members]

September 22, 2015 [Teotihuacan carnivores & isotopes]

Sugiyama, Nawa, Andrew D. Somerville, and Margaret J. Schoeninger
2015 Stable Isotopes and Zooarchaeology at Teotihuacan, Mexico Reveal Earliest Evidence of Wild Carnivore Management in Mesoamerica. PLOSone DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0135635.

May 6, 2015 [Ohalo]

Snir, Anit, Dani Nadel, and Ehud Weiss
2015 Plant-food preparation on two consecutive floors at Upper Paleolithic Ohalo II, Israel. Journal of Archaeological Science 53: 61-71.

April 15, 2015 [cancelled due to SAA, San Francisco!]

April 1, 2015 [Sudan, el Kurru]

Cartwright, Caroline
2001 The plant remains. Chapter 13 in Life on the Desert Edge, Seven Thousand Years of Settlement in the Northern Dongola Reach, Sudan, ed. D.A. Welsby, pp. 556-567. BAR International 980 (II).
[and N.F. Miller, Presentation about recent trip to Kurru, Sudan]

March 17, 2015 [domestication research]

Zeder, Melinda
2015 Core questions in domestication research. PNAS

March 4, 2015 [animal domestication]

Zeder, Melinda
2012 Pathways to animal domestication. In Biodiversity in Agriculture: Domestication, Evolution, and Sustainability, eds. R.L. Bettinger et al. Cambridge University Press, pp. 227-259.

Larson, Greger and Dorian Q. Fuller
2014 The evolution of animal domestication. In Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 66: 115-136. doi: 10.1146/annurev-ecolsys-120213-091620

February 18, 2015 [stable isotopes]

Fiorentino, Girolamo, Juan Pedro Ferrio, Amy Bogaard, José Luis Araus, and Simone Riehl
2015 Stable isotopes in archaeobotanical research. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 24: 215-227. DOI: 10.1007/s00334-014-0492-9

February 4, 2015 [Maya resilience]

Scarborough, Vernon
2014 The alternative economy: Resilience in the face of complexity from the Eastern Lowlands. Archeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association 24: 124-141. DOI: 10.1111/apaa.12033

January 21, 2015 [Mongolia, starch]

Liu, Li, Lisa Kealhofer, Xingcan Chen, and Ping Ji
2014 A broad-spectrum subsistence economy in Neolithic Inner Mongolia, China: Evidence from grinding stones. The Holocene 24(6): 726-742. DOI: 10.1177/0959683614526938

December 2, 2014 [dental caries and sweets]

Soltysiak, Arkadiusz
2014 Frequency of Dental Caries as a Proxy Indicator of Mobility: The Case of the Khabur Basin Human Populations. In Paleonutrition and Food Practices in the Aancient Near East: Towards a Multidisciplinary Approach, eds. L. Milano and F. Bertoldi, pp. 53-70. Sargon, Padova.

November 18, 2014 [Nubia early agriculture]

Madella, M., J.J. García-Granero, W.A. Out, P. Ryan, and D. Usai
2014 Microbotanical Evidence of Domestic Cereals in Africa 7000 Years Ago. PLOS | one DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0110177 [on line]

November 4, 2014 [Fayum fish]

Linseele, Veerle, Wim Van Neer, Sofie Thys, Rebecca Phillipps, René Cappers, Willeke Wendrich, Simon Holdaway
2014 New Archaeozoological Data from the Fayum "Neolithic" with a Critical Assessment of the Evidence for Early Stock Keeping in Egypt. PLOSone [on line]

October 21, 2014 [stable C & N isotopes and pastoralism]

Lightfoot, E., G. Motuzaite-Matuzeviciute, T.C. O'Connell, I.A. Kukushkin, V. Loman, V. Varfolomeev, X. Liu, and M.K. Jones
2014 How "Pastoral" is Pastoralism? Dietary Diversity in Bronze Age Communities in the Central Kazakhstan Steppes. Archaeometry, available on-line, doi: 10.1111/arcm.12123

October 7, 2014 [animal domestication]

Benjamin S. Arbuckle, Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Eric Kansa, David Orton, Canan Çakırlar, Lionel Gourichon, Levent Atici, Alfred Galik, Arkadiusz Marciniak, Jacqui Mulville, Hijlke Buitenhuis, Denise Carruthers, Bea De Cupere et al.(!)
2014 Data Sharing Reveals Complexity in the Westward Spread of Domestic Animals across Neolithic Turkey. PLOSone [ on line]

September 16, 2014 [movies! secondary products processing]

Annie Chan, Naomi F. Miller presented video clips from Turkey and China. For more information, go to the Penn Museum blog links: Naomi's movies and Annie's posts of July 21 and August 27.

May 6, 2014 [origin of agriculture...again!]

Gremillion, Kristen J., Loukas Barton, and Dolores R. Piperno
2014 Particularism and the retreat from theory in the archaeology of agricultural origins. PNAS 11 (7). [on line]

April 15, 2014 [Proteomics and cheese]

Yimin Yang, Anna Shevchenko, Andrea Knaust, Idelisi Abuduresule, Wenying Li, Xingjun Hu, Changsui Wang, Andrej Shevchenko
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May 7, 2013 [cancelled due to Jury Duty]

April 16, 2013 [phytoliths]

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April 2, 2013 [cancelled due to SAA, Honolulu!]

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December 6, 2011 [Big History]

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April 19, 2011 [food and evolution; last meeting of the academic year]

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Another possibility, though more detailed, is Brian's article in the Encyclopedia Iranica on irrigation: abyari

February 1, 2011 [residue analysis]

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January 18, 2011 [Jacques Cauvin and the Origins of Agriculture]

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Christian, David: Big History

September 21, 2010-Organizational meeting

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