M. Frank Norman, Department of Psychology

norman@psych.upenn.edu, 2/16/2010





            Behavioral genetics, evolution, evolutionary psychology, individual differences, statistics, probability, linear systems theory, and computers.




            B.A., Dartmouth, Psychology, 1961.


            Ph.D., Stanford, Statistics, 1965.


Selected publications:


            Genetic influences on behavior, in L. Nadel (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science, Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2002, 354-360.


            (With K. G. Noble and M. J. Farah)  Neurocognitive correlates of socioeconomic status in kindergarten children, Developmental Science, 2005, 8, 74-87.


            A very simple model for declining mean fitness, Journal of Bioeconomics, 2005, 7, 157-160.


            (With Michael T. Purkey, Marc S. Levine, Brandon Prendes, and Natasha Mirza), Predictors of aspiration pneumonia following radiotherapy for head and neck cancer, Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology, 2009, 118, 811-816.


            Markov Processes and Learning Models, Academic Press, 1972; Elsevier Digital Edition, 2009.


Complete list of publications


Course materials:


            BFS Psychology 278 (Constraints on Family Size, offered in Fall, 2008)


            ***New***: Notes for a course in Behavioral Genetics and Evolution


Other web documents:


            Evolutionary Response to Natural Selection in a Large Population: an Interactive Grapher for the simplest model.


            Models with Selection on Both Viability and Fertility (Fecundity): Introduction and Interactive Grapher.  These models predict declining population mean fitness under certain conditions.


            Evolution with Selection and Random Genetic Drift: Instructions and Simulator


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