Rickson Mesquita


I have been working with applied Physics into Medicine and Biology since 2000. During this period, my main focus has been on Biomedical Optics, and the interaction of optical techniques with other methodologies, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging and electrophysiology, in order to probe tissue.

Currently, my main research interests rely on developing instrumentation and data analysis tools for Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy (DOS) and Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy (DCS). I am also involved in translating the progress achieved into clinical applications, providing physicians and medical researchers a new tool for both diagnosis and monitoring based on diffuse optics.

My past experiences range from Photoacoustics to Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). In these, I was always interested in developing instrumentation and applying these techniques to both medical and biological fields.

More on the web:

  1. P. Gould, Model links brain’s functional processes, http://www.medicalphysicsweb.org (Jan 14, 2009)

  2. N. Cerqueira, Technology allows mapping of brain functions, http://www.comciencia.br (May 05, 2008; in portuguese)


Post-Doctoral Fellow

Department of Physics & Astronomy

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA, USA  19104

(215) 898-6833

rickson -at- sas.upenn.edu