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A.Magazine's mission from the beginning has been to report on the developments, address the issues, and celebrate the achievements of this dynamic new population. From politics to pop culture, from traditions to technology, A.Magazine offers its readers authoritative coverage of Asian America that cannot be found elsewhere.

AA Rising
AA Rising the entertainment resource for asian pacific americans

Alliance Working for Asian Rights and Empowerment
The Alliance Working for Asian Rights and Empowerment (AWARE) was formed in September, 1993 as a grassroots, community support and advocacy group for Asians and Pacific Islanders in Orange County to fight police harrassment. Members include those from UCI and other communities in Orange County, Calif., but we welcome everyone who is committed to the civil rights struggle

The Asian/American Center
The Center seeks knowledge that is rooted in local community experience. It also emphasizes an interdisciplinary cultural studies approach in which anthropologists, community activists, historians, social workers, critics, writers, filmmakers, psychologists, and others can come together in a supportive and stimulating intellectualenvironment, through a range of public programs.

Asian American Journalist Association
The Asian American Journalist Association Homepage

Asian American Resources in Chicago
Welcome to Loyola University's Asian Asian American Studies reference guide to Asian American Resources in and around Chicago. By providing names, addresses, phone numbers and contact persons we hope to give all Chicagoans a chance to connect to various groups and services. Though not all groups have E-Mail or Web pages, you will find various links throughout the pages.

Asian-American Village
We welcome you to the Asian-American Village, the MINORITIES' JOB BANK forum devoted to the discussion of ideas, news, concerns, and opportunities of particular-not exclusive- interest to the wildly, wonderfully varied communities that compose Asian Pacific America.

The Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
The Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library (ASWWWVL) provides an authoritative, continuously updated hypertext guide and access tool to scholarly information resources on the Internet. It deals with the Asian continent as a whole, as well as with individual Asian regions, countries, and territories.

Welcome to the Asia Society's AskAsia, an exciting, informative on-line source K-12 Asian and Asian American studies. Through the Internet, AskAsia offers easy, 24-hour access to high-quality, classroom-tested resources and cultural information, engaging games and activities, and links to relevant people, places, and institutions.

Chinese Historical and Cultural Project
The Chinese Historical and Cultural Project (CHCP) is based in Santa Clara County, California. It was founded in 1987 as a non-profit organization to promote and preserve Chinese American and Chinese history and culture through community outreach activities

Chinese Historical Cultural Project Curriculum
The GOLDEN LEGACY curriculum is designed for the third, fourth, and fifth grades, as a complement to the California State Social Studies Framework. In addition to over thirty lessons, an index, a comprehensive vocabulary section, an annotated bibliography, and a teacher resource section, were included for the teacher's convenience.

The Chinese Historical Society of Southern California
The Chinese Historical Society of Southern California was founded in 1975 to discover and recognize our pioneers and their history. We aim to increase awareness of Chinese American heritage through public programs, education and research.

Chinese Information Hub
The Chinese Information Hub at Flordia Atlantic University website

Coalition for Asian-American Children and Families
The Coalition for Asian-American Children and Families challenges barriers by advocating for social policies and programs which support Asian-American children and families, empowering Asian-Americans to advocate for change, and giving service providers culturally sensitive training and resources.

Corporate Diversity Search, Inc.
Corporate Diversity Search, Inc. is a nationwide executive search firm specializing in the placement of women and minorities. Our expertise is in identifying highly skilled professionals who possess the experience, academic credentials and commitment necessary for middle and upper level positions.

Diversity/Careers in Engineering Information Technology
Diversity/Careers in Engineering Information Technology is a magazine that covers technical and career issues of interest to engineers and information technology professionals who are part of the growing diverse technical workforce.

Diversity Forum
Diversity Forum features extensive links to and listings of: job opportunities with companies that are committed to Diversity, Equal Employment Opportunity and making every good faith effort to make their Affirmative Action Programs work, valuable information on Workforce Diversity, EEO, Affirmative Action and Civil Rights

Ethnic Studies Web Site
Created in 1995 by librarian Dennis Thomison, the Ethnic Studies web site is maintained by the Doheny Reference Center at the University of Southern California to provide access to research resources available through the Internet based on a global perspective of ethnicity and migration issues.

The WWW Hmong Homepage
The WWW Hmong Homepage is a collection of resources relating to Hmong history, culture, language, and current events. This site is an official Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library Associate site.

Japanese American National Museum
"The mission of the Japanese American National Museum is to make known the Japanese American experience as an integral part of our nation's heritage in order to improve understanding and appreciation for America's ethnic and cultural diversity."

Korean American Museum
Korean American history and culture from the unique and relevant perspective of Korean Americans. In accomplishing its mission, the Museum hopes to become a center for the exchange of ideas and experiences related to life in multi-ethnic America and a vital force in bringing communities generations of different cultural backgrounds

National Asian American Telecommunications Assoc.
National Asian American Telecommunications Association, getting asian Pacific American stories heard and seen. Opportutnites for Asian Pacific Americans in film, video, and new media

Sawnet Bookshelf
Sawnet Bookshelf
Books by and for South Asian women

A website with news about South Asian Women

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