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In this era of climate change, it is important that many people understand how scientists know what they know about the atmosphere. I have worked in various media and assisted other authors to make my research accessible to different audiences.

"In 'Toon with the Weather," SAS Frontiers, July 2008.
An Internet slide show produced in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania's External Affairs division. Nate Johnson, a broadcast meteorologist with WRAL-TV in Raleigh highlighted this on his station's weather blog.

Comics and the TV Weather Report
This poster, echoing the three panel style of comic strips, is available for public download. I first displayed the poster at the 2008 Hisotry of Science Society Annual Meeting, and later wrote about the experience of designing a poster for the HSS Newsletter.

"STS Alum: Roger Turner," STS Times, Newsetter of the Committee on Science and Technology Studies, Brown University, May 2009, p. 2.

"Teaching Military Pilots Weather Mechanics--Using Cartoons," by Arielle Kane, The Daily Pennsylvanian, October 23, 2008: p. 1.
A newspaper profile of my work on comic training manuals.

Worked with freelance writer Susan Frith to produce an article on weather cartoons slated for publication in Air & Space/Smithsonian Magazine.

Quoted in "Scientists Savor Air of Relief," By Sandy Bauers, The Philadelphia Inquirer , September 14, 2007, B4. (Registration Required)
I offered some historical perspective on the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, an international agreement on regulating ozone-harming chemicals.

Exploring Illness Across Time and Place
A pedagogical website I produced with Chris Jones in 2004, this site explores the historical specificity of medical diagnosis and treatment. The site's introductory essay was excerpted for an exercise in an English-as-a-Second-Language textbook, as an example of sophisticated but comprehensible writing--I hope!

(Image: This photo illustrated the Daily Pennsylvanian's article "Teaching Military Pilots Weather Mechanics." Taken by DP photographer Rebeca Martinez.)

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